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Vote on which classic Final Fantasy should get the next remake


Which classic Final Fantasy would you like to see get remade next?  

158 members have voted

  1. 1. Which classic Final Fantasy would you like to see get remade next?

    • Final Fantasy
    • Final Fantasy II
    • Final Fantasy III
    • Final Fantasy IV
    • Final Fantasy V
    • Final Fantasy VI
    • Final Fantasy VIII
    • Final Fantasy IX

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FF8 has the best potential for a remake, a lot can be improved. Could be like a Persona type game for them with the way GFs and junctioning work, just need to overhaul junctioning and the leveling systems. More seed missions could be added and more buildup of Squall and Rinoa's romance. They could add more story to Laguna like they originally wanted.


Edit: Crisis Core should get a remake or at least a port with trophies ?

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Voted FF6 because I've never played it, but I'm really glad that FF8 is getting a lot of love here. I know the "mainstream" opinion is that FF9 is a great game and FF8 is the weird one, but for me it was always the other way around; I loved 8 and disliked 9. Maybe because I never grew up with the original FF1-6 games, maybe because I was an angsty teenager right when 8 came out and related a little bit too much. :P

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Fun reading everyone's replies.


I'm a bit surprised FFVI is currently in the lead, I was certain VIII would get the most votes. People who played VIII growing up should be just the right age to be getting nostalgic for their childhood games. Or maybe the average gamer age is a bit older than I assumed.

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On 4/21/2020 at 7:55 PM, KingGuy420 said:

Five will be the next one. No doubt about it.


They said in the past that they're doing them all. A few higher ups have even spoken out about how bad they felt for skipping 5 and 6 for 7. But that first chance they get they're going back to keep going. They already did 1-4 and After Years.

Yeah I saw some quotes from the VII Remake devs that they want to do V and VI as well, so I wouldn't be surprised if V is next. I'd love to see the job system again.


Only III and IV received remakes, and those were designed for the DS. The DS versions were then ported to mobile, PSP, and PC. Which is fine, but I'd still like to see full AAA-quality remakes. I and II have never been remade, only remastered/re-translated/re-released dozens of times, with maybe an extra dungeon added. I know those versions are sometimes labeled as "remakes", but eh, they don't really qualify as remakes in my opinion.

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On 4/21/2020 at 7:56 PM, Fragtaster said:

Which is an odd choice I admit, because if you ask most people who have played it... of probably all ALL the classic Final Fantasy game, it was the one that doesn't actually need a remake. It's pixel art and midi music are nearly perfect as is, and Ted Woosley's translation is iconic. Final Fantasy VI has aged like the finest of wines.


Hey, Look at: Final Fantasy VI - Imminent Ban


[Though I would still love to see what the Final Fantasy VII REmake team could do with such an epic masterpiece in unreal engine 4 1f496.png]



I don't see the newer Final Fantasy fans going for any of the old titles. But yes, Final Fantasy VI was fucking awesome. I was too young back then to understand the mechanics, but from what I played of it at a relatives house, it was pretty damn good. Seeing stuff like Super Metroid, Super Mario RPG and Final Fantasy VI blew my mind as a 8 - 10 year old kid.


Square seems to have this mentality that anything before Final Fantasy VII should be pushed under the rug. That was the game that helped usher in the current crop of gamers, because the generation that is buying today's AAA games were much too young to really get a handle on the old Final Fantasy.


They don't need a remake, they don't even need a remaster. Just give them modern support and a trophy list to go with it, just like Square did with the original Final Fantasy VII.


I'm still waiting for Chrono Trigger to get a release, that would make my fucking day. Probably one of the greatest and most iconic JRPGs of all time.

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I would likely go for VI myself. It's actually one I haven't played but I've heard a lot of good things about (such as in many above posts).


Having it remade would also bring in a lot of new people who would not have known anything of it otherwise without the remake. There are many people playing FFVII for the first time thanks to the remake (mostly because of its age or they don't like turn based combat), so it could be something similar with FFVI or others.

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I would love it if it was Final Fantasy IV. I loved the characters, loved how long the story was, it seemed like it never ended (even for Final Fantasy standards). I think a modern version would make those settings especially gorgeous, and it would be completely opposed to the Final Fantasy VII steampunk atmosphere (not that I don't love that). VI would also be good, because I never got a chance to play it through and it's getting hard now to go back to those games in terms of gameplay.

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Its gotta be FF6, although id happily settle for FF4 with all parts included.


FF6 was and is a special game. Great characters, setting, systems and potential to do so much with the world. 


Im not sure if modern day square would mess up a remade FF6 battle system. Like im not sure how they do people like Cyan in realtime. Hmm


FF4 is 2nd and not far behind because Kain is probably one of my fave ever FF characters.


FF Crisis Core is tied for 3rd with Tactics It was gonna be only Tactics but i feel that game should be left alone. The strategy rpg is difficult to improve upon in my opinion. I mean they could make it more "X-Com like" i dunno.


Then again Crisis Core may have to have a rejig of the story owing to FF7:R's ...ahem...twists. 

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Those later games (6 - 9) were childhood games for many of us, myself included. Since I've had a chance to enjoy those games, I chose to not vote for any of them. Instead, I opted for the first game because I'd like to see those older 2D sprite games (1-5) be re-imagined on modern technology in 3D. It's hard to go back to the past on some games, so I think it would be appropriate to bring those games into the present.


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