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Skate 4


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6 minutes ago, BlackSabre500 said:

I hope EA don't ruin it with microtransactions and/or Surprise Mechanics (Lootboxes), regardless i'm excited for this.

I mean the good thing about skate that they can’t make it a pay to win type of game, so even if they add loot boxes it will all be to change your character style nothing more I guess, I am hyped as well man it will be awesome 

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26 minutes ago, luke50322 said:

ps4 or ps5?

lol hope its not that skate 3 mobile game

I don't think that would have made the event. I just really hope it does turn out to actually be skate 4. Now if only fable 4 would get announced during the xbox show.. That would get me absolutely hyped for next gen. 

1 minute ago, Super-Fly Spider-Guy said:

Y'all people yelling "Skate 4" at EA for years didn't do this.


Us people yelling "THPS" at Activision for years did this. You're welcome.

Whilst that was also my thought exactly, A NEW SKATE. 

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4 hours ago, Dangisuckatgamin said:

This is definitely cool news but I'm very scared to see the microtransactions and the DLC. I have a feeling the only reason we are getting this is because they found a way to milk it to pieces :(

As already mentioned, skate wouldn't really work if it was based on microtransactions. It's not like different skateboards, wheels etc have ever had stats. 

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5 hours ago, KGI_KlikoNL said:

1.: I only argue over poor information. Like over the term: "Micro-Transactions", cause it's more then only Pay-To-Win items. And a Pay-To-Win Skate game, will indeed not work.


2.: Rest is all Personal Opinions. You expect no visual (clothing/shoes) Micro-Transactions. I do expect thoose (clothing/shoes) Micro-Transactions in the game. I hope you're right, but it is EA after all.

There is no poor information. As you've said, it's opinions. Do I think there's gunna be Any microtransactions? Nope. Would I care if there was, as long as it wasn't literally a pay to win scenario? Nope. I highly doubt they'd ever do any form of them. I really think this needs to just now end here. I'm not prepared to waste more time replying to something that's not really relevant. We may revisit this conversation when more is revealed. 

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