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Haven't had an account that long here but I thought I'd make a topic introducing myself, formally.


Former xbox 360 user, turned onto PS3 early 2011 after I literally lost all drive to play anything on xbox. I originally got a 360 because it had a slew of JRPG's coming out while back in the day, PS3 basically just had disgaea, cross edge, and the last rebellion. Eventually the JRPG support fizzled out and I caved and got a PS3. Loving it ever since.


I'm a pretty big trophy hunter and really picky about what I play for the most part. Otherwise I'd be getting those ridiculous easy platinum games, I play what I know I'll like. Not specifically for trophies but for the game--and feeling of completing that game.  I hate online trophies (I think the only game I've done that required multiplayer is RE5)


Not much else to say except I'm glad to be here and this site seems like a pretty cool place. I've definitely seen a lot of impressive profiles and trophy collections in my short time spent here.


Nice to meet you all.


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Thanks everyone.


FF9 comes to mind instantly followed closely by lost odyssey (honestly, not ashamed to admit I cried playing this game. If the load times were fixed and it got re-released somewhere down the line it'd probably end up my favorite)


Honorable mentions:



tales of vesperia

chrono trigger


That said I've also missed out on a lot of keystone JRPG's. I never got to play legend of mana, breath of fire series, or any of the early dragonquest(warriors)


I've got vagrant story lined up to play really soon, all I've heard is good things. Looking forward to it. I've also had chrono cross sitting in my backlog for ages, just haven't gotten around to it.

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Welcome to PSNP!


You definitely have some good tastes in JRPG's, although you need to play some BoF!


FF9 is absolutely epic, as is Chrono Trigger and ToVesperia, but I didn't really enjoy FF5 as much. :( Definitely get your hands on Breath of Fire IV on the PSN. If you have a PSP, you can get a UMD based Breath of Fire III, which is fantastic btw, via importing on Amazon. I believe it is like $10, and it does have English!


That is the only reason I got an Xbox as well, was to play the wave of JRPG's. Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, Tales of Vesperia, MagnaCarta II, amongst some others.


Have you tried Resonance of Fate at all?

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Thanks everyone :D


I have indeed played resonance of fate, really, really unique game. I loved it and I'm still secretly hoping for a spiritual successor or some type of sequel set in the same universe. Vashyron was hilarious. He was like an rpg version of dante. Maybe it just didn't do well enough sales wise. I remember it released along-side FF13 too which is probably the dumbest thing sega/tri-ace could've done.


I'll have to pick up BoFIV on PSN, didn't know they were up there.

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