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Sony E3 Plans Leaked?


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So apparently someone leaked Sony's E3 announcements.


For anyone who doesn't want to click the link, i'll just number the games they talk about.

1. Uncharted 4

2. God of War 4

3. Gran Turismo 6

4. New Media Molecule project, for Sony's VR device.

5. Syphon Filter reboot

6. Wipeout

7. The Order: 1886

8. Quantum Dream teaser

9. Ninja Theory PS4 exclusive, possibly Heavenly Sword sequel.

10. Sony London AAA title.

11. Guerilla Games RPG

12. Infamous: Second Son DLC

13. Project Beast, a Demon Souls spiritual successor.

14. The Last Guardian

15. Sony Japan Studios secret title.

Obviously it could all be fake, but most of it is stuff everyone expected anyway. Either way, it's always fun to talk about rumors. So what do you guys think?

Also, sorry if this is posted in the wrong section. I'm not really sure where PS4 rumors would go.

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If even half of that is true then it looks like I'll be more interested in Xbox this E3 as 7, 11 and 13 are the only things of interest to me on that list. I also wouldn't expect much from a Guerilla Games RPG since it looks like they've done nothing but FPS. I could be surprised of course though.

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I read the link a bit more in depth. That PS4 lineup looks amazing. I'm more worried about what the Vita is gonna get. I'm afraid there won't be anything on the Vita end. I love handheld systems, but I've grown tired of Nintendo titles and Sony isn't putting much on the Vita.

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Half life waiting for you, and you're going next gen.   :facepalm: Well, basically obvious at this time. Yes, i'm talking about The Last Guardian.

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Yeah, it says GT6 will be on PS4. In 1080p 60 fps.


if this was the ps4 version of GT6 then it's nothing new, the game already running 1080p and on races in 60 fps on ps3.


what i heard from poly phony digital somewhere is that the ps4 version will have more polygon counts on cars drivers and background and maybe a ps4 exclusive content. 

Uncharted 4 is might gonna be shown at the upcoming E3 no doubt, i'm really exited about, but syphon filter reboot?? please let this to be true.... 

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