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I actually was seriously struggling to choose between PC and Playstation for a while there (and still am kinda) since I found myself buying the same games for both and desperately NEEDED to try and pick a "main" platform to garner most of my attention and money... I tried making a pro/con list.  Figure I'll share it with you all today.




  • One unified network. +++

  • Best exclusives (for me). ++

  • Games. Just. Work. … Usually. ++

  • Stable, secure trophy system. +

  • Uses less power. +

  • Physical copies of games are still prevelant. +

  • Easier, better ability to play local coop. +




  • No options if game runs poorly (and some certainly do). --

  • Pay to play online. -

  • Don’t know anyone that games on Playstation (to play with online). --

  • Games are expensive, even after hunting deals and buying second hand. -





  • Pride of building and maintaining my own machine. ++

  • Most issues with games can be resolved with tweaks/mods. ++

  • Lots of friends (real life and on Steam). ++

  • Can play games from just about any era via emulation. +

  • Free to play online. +

  • Games are crazy cheap. ++

  • Games run and look considerably better for the time being. +




  • Games/friends spread across a dozen different services. ---

  • Achievements easily hacked. -

  • Games will outgrow my hardware sooner rather than later. --

  • Some games take significant tinkering to get working just right. --

  • Digital only, pretty much. -

  • Computer is beefy, eats up a lot of wattage. -




Some of it is personal opinion, of course... I added +'s and -'s next to the items in the list to measure how significant that particular feature might be (three is most, one is least).  Then totaled them up at the bottom.


I just can't decide...  -_-

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Pc Graphics card 500 plus dollars or more for a good one.

Console 350 to 400 dollars


Pc is my music machine/ photoshop device and gaming seldom, still haven't played the free Witcher 3 DL, the time will come soon

after the PS backlog


I still went with a GTX980 because it's 2015.


And that about sums it up with comparing,

Don't see why people do since you can't change the hardware in consoles, but you can modify the case for better cooling



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I love playing games on my PC but i hate it when i want to play older games and those games don't work because they are not optimized for the latest specs.


And i hate constantly upgrading my PC. Less money I have to spend on hardware means more money I can spend on games.

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Consoles are my preference because I don't have to think about the specs to know if the game will work properly. I'm not a fan of having to learn the keyboard controls of PC games.

I don't mind playing games on PC at times. When I was a kid, I played PC more than anything else.

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I've extensively done both over the years and both are great. If you can just do both its worth it.

Currently I'm only on console atm but intend to build a new rig next year. The deciding factor for me was simple the Sony exclusives. And I admit I'm a sucker for been a trophy whore:P

If you are interested in pc, don't be put off by the initial cost it's easily offset by cheaper games, free online and those amazing steam sales. And you don't need to update your gpu every 5mins like some would have you believe unless you absolutely have to be at the cutting edge 24/7 and thanks to steam the majority of games do work fine with the odd exception, which usually get a driver update pretty quick.

Basically there is no vs. both are good systems to go with and I stand by the fact if you can , have both. There is no need to choose.

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I will say one thing that really disappoints me about PC are the awful launches lately. With Resident Evil Revelations 2, I had hardcore PC guys telling me to "just get the console release" because even with top end hardware it ran really poorly on PC. It happened again, with much more media fanfare, with Batman Arkham Knight. And it's not like it didnt work for some or people overreacting to having to play at 30fps or medium settings, pretty much everyone has legit issues. Single digit framerates on good machines, developers outright ignoring AMD video card users, etc. This is a bad downward trend lately.

Then I tried to play Dead Space 1 on PC, an older game but not THAT old. My wired keyboard and mouse had tremendous input lag, and my 360 gamepad had a monster deadzone. It was unplayable, and going on the forum it was practically the same story for everyone. Got the game for PS3, worked great (albeit not looking nearly as nice).

Frustrating to say the least. xD

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PC due to the long term cost and value being superior compared to a console, prices on games being much cheaper and sales much more frequent and greater, mod support, more customisation in terms of how I want my game to run and play, more precision with a mouse compared to thumbsticks, no extra fee in order to play online, and many more (good) free games compared to consoles. There's also the fact that you can do so much more in general on a PC compared to the consoles.

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I've always found using a Mouse and Keyboard to be awkward compared to a Controller. Does anyone else not think so? Also having to be sure that your Specs are all updated so you can play a Game is another problem to me rather than being able to purchase a Game and play it with no problems on a Console. There are advantages to PC's over Consoles like better Graphics and Mods but this whole 'PC Master Race' thing is something I never really understood.


I think both PC and Console have their Postives and Negatives and so it depends on what's right for each person.

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