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Honor Upheld V2.0


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5 minutes ago, RuinousOne25 said:

Seriously?  That’s kind of a pain.  


Yeah the developer was killed by Sony before the game launched in the US and the US server stopped tracking people after a certain point in 2012. 


It is what it is, luckily Yuri did a lot of work to find out that once someone is identified that can help, they can help out much more than one person so it's important for trophy hunters to work together so each opportunity isn't wasted on just one person.

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2 minutes ago, TheYuriG said:

I was going to update the list with the extra Hall of Fame entries, but then noticed @DaivRules did that for me. Thank you!

Thank you @Smzthyy for continuing to support this cause long after I quit. Took me months, but your efforts were noticed. You were the hero we needed, but didn't deserved. Blessed.

True .

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I'd like to echo @U_mad_bro7778 sentiments, thank you SO much @Smzthyy for arranging the session and having the patience to corral 20 people without losing the plot ♥️ 
and also a big thanks to @XLR-8_ for playing the same level nearly twenty times and still having the good humour to make terrible puns ?
you guys are cut from a different cloth ♥️

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1 hour ago, Smzthyy said:


5 hours ago, pedro_rbx said:

unfortunately I arrived too late for the session.  I'm still looking for someone, I'm still hoping to get the trophy before the 28th. if there's any last session another please let us know here.  thank you so much

 there you go

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I wanna say thank you to @Smzthyy & AwesomenessDude_. Even if i didn't need your help in the end. Cause without your last session i wouldn't even have startet the International Version to find out that i, for some magical reason, can send the challenge to my second account. So really thank you guys for this opportunity.


And offcourse i have to thank @TheYuriG for that great detailed guide.


If i can help one you somehow in a game, let me know.



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