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  2. This. Not every 2.5" will fit in your PS4 HD slot.
  3. I mean seriously on the first match I won, the dude messaged me roasting my rank he said I'm rank 20, I'm like...umm its my first match? I'm level 1? He said "I believe it" anyways after being really rude and saying nasty ass shit to me I just reported him anyways after playing for a little I decided to just turn my messages off, I'm so sick of people being so salty even if they win. Like I'm having fun even if I kill no one, so many people disconnect like babies and trash talk you for no reason. Ill just enjoy the the game without having to deal with people saying for me to fuck myself and roast my rank So far I really like playing as wraith, Hillbilly, and the doctor was really fun too. i guess my point to all this is, prolly should have it set to only friends can message you, as this is a fun game with one of the most toxic players I've ever seen, this is coming from a person who literally never uses that word too, like I can deal with other games shit talking bc to me it's just all in good banter but here, it seems like everyone is salty and takes it super super seriously.
  4. Well for those who want to know. Minimum of four playthroughs and I for the life of can not got one trophy to pop.
  5. I'm running out of time to get Platinum 100 this month. It's not looking good. Problem is there is no clear-cut choice.

    Of course, it doesn't help when 73 out of 99 Plats have a "PSNProfiles Success Rate" of 50% or better... and 54 with a "success rate" of 80% or better. My mad dash for Plats went overboard to be sure. Not that it's all bad. I am the First in the World to Plat 8 To Glory and I have some tough ones on my record (5 Star Wrestling PS4, Ashes Cricket 2017).

    I just wish to change the scenery, so to speak. Now that my Internet is better, what do I do? At least when I was still Icebrand1270 I had a clear-cut choice for Plat 100. Not this time around. *sigh*

  6. Legacy DLCs is not included in physical version, if you own H1 legacy missions you can get access in H2, as far as I know, please correct me if Im wrong.
  7. I find that, unlike "professional" critic reviews, user reviews are usually worth a damn. Critics nowadays are so laughably disconnected from the end user, that I would rarely take one into account. So when a game is also on PC I make sure to check its Steam page. Because the "score" there is purely statistic/percentage based, I find it's much less arbitrary. I round up my investigation by skimming through the first page or two of top rated user comments, to find out what the general grievances with the game are.
  8. I'd recommend a Solid State Disk. It very easy and fast to set up. They are a bit more expensive but: - they are quieter as they have no moving parts (PS4 pro fan will drown out any noise anyway so this point is moot). - more reliable and durable than a spinning hard disk and should last longer. - booting up and loading time are much faster. About 10-20% faster in my experience. This might only be a couple of second per loading screen, but if you game a lot, like I do, those seconds add up to a lot of time saved.
  9. After I finished the campaign I was missing one ambush camp. I received a side quest for it shortly thereafter asking me to clear it out. If you don't receive the side mission their are many sites out there and videos onYouTube that show the map and where all the camps are located. You could always just find it yourself and clear it.
  10. Enemies do not scale with scrolls anymore they got rid of that because it was punishing you for getting scrolls now they just scale off cells. You can save a copy your save file, so before a boss quit out to main menu and copy your save file over to 2nd slot and 3rd slot for safety, load up if you die.
  11. Time for a big update.. I finely got some time on ps4, so I got a lot done (and a lot of new games started.. Bringing my completion % down quite a bit..). On top of those, I also started Nonary Games (999), to get the mystery challenge done, and will likely go back to NFS HP to get a few more Rare trophies, since that's funnily enough my other missing challenge for round 1 😂 Round 1 (38/40) Challenge 2: Game starts with "A" Ballet (Abzu) Challenge 11: spelling "FREEDOM" all Our DREaMs can comE true, iF we have the courage to pursue them (BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle) Challenge 12: spelling "PIKACHU" or "POKEMON" tHIs gold is bUrning A hole in my PoCKet. (SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy) Challenge 15: word "Power" Power of Fate (BlazBlue Centralfiction) Challenge 17: word "Team" Looking for a partner to team up with the amazing Kukri! (SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy) Challenge 20: spelling "ALADDIN" thAt's the first step IN A very Long anD terrible Desert! (SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy) Challenge 22: word "hot" time for a commemorative pHOTo? Challenge 23: word "Game" It's like a fighting game (BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle) Challenge 27: word "number in name" Customize in 40 Seconds (BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle) Challenge 31: game released in 2017 The Nightman Cometh (Dirt 4) Challenge 39: gameplay "water" Breach (Abzu) Since this leaves me above 35 challenges, here's round 2. Round 2 (25/40) Challenge 1: Game starts with "M" A New Beginning (Mortal Kombat X) Challenge 3: Game starts or ends with "Y" Custom Victory (Yu-Gi-Oh Millennium Duels) Challenge 4: game with female playable character Globetrotter (Rainbow Skies, same game as in round 1) Challenge 5: games is a sequel Blacksmith (Rainbow Skies, same game as in round 1) Challenge 6: game released in May Auto-fill please (BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle) Challenge 7: game started over a year ago Eyes on the City (Driver San Francisco, same game aa in round 1) Challenge 8: Favorite genre (RPG) Level Fan (Rainbow Skies) Challenge 9: game takes 24+ to plat Superwarrior (Rainbow Skies) Challenge 11: spelling "FREEDOM" bEliEve in Me that believes in yOur FrienD (BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle) Challenge 13: spelling "MOUSE" MakE the mOSt fUn out of it (BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle) Challenge 14: word "light(ning)" Can't Handle The Spotlight (Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space Episode 3) Challenge 18: spelling "SONIC" OmNISCient (Rainbow Skies) Challenge 19: PSNProfiles genre "Racing" This Can't Be Real (Driver San Francisco) Challenge 21: spelling "DESERT" maSTER DrivE-by marketer (Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space Episode 3) Challenge 24: spelling "THRONES" OuR lobby baTtlE Starts rigHt Now (BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle) Challenge 25: PSNProfiles theme "Fantasy" I'm just a passing avatar (BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle) Challenge 26: name with punctuation marks Do you need a reason to battle? (BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle) Challenge 27: word "number in the name" I am the 6.0% (Dirt 4) Challenge 28: 3 trophies that start with the same letter Brutal End + Blanche Advantage + Back It Up (Mortal Kombat X, all 3) Challenge 29: game started in 2019, before May The Dole (Rainbow Skies, same game as in round 1) Challenge 30: trophy from DLC Bagged and boarded (LittleBigPlanet Vita) Challenge 34: game from EU developer Pioneer (Rainbow Skies, same game as in round 1) Challenge 35: franchise with 10+ years Never Ends (Mortal Kombat 11) Challenge 37: game with a multi-platform list Challenger (Rainbow Skies) Challenge 38: gameplay "Outerspace" Never miss an issue (LittleBigPlanet Vita). Now let's see if I can have next weekend off and hopefully get closer to the same number of last month, since that's my secondary target, after getting round 1 100% completed.
  12. It also can't be more than 9.5mm in thickness. The 3+ terabyte ones out there are 13mm in thickness The Seagate Firecuda 2TB SSHD is popular, and I've been using one for a few years now with no problems at all
  13. Even in games where the story does change a bit it is annoying. I wish games would have trophies where you have to do one of three things to pop it all 3 things would be the decisions you make.
  14. Are all the DLC trophies included in the physical version? If I get this version and already played H1 can I achieve 100%? Somebody told me there were supposed to be additional DLC but I don´t know if it ever happened...
  15. Summoning are by far my favourite atmospheric black metal band. I have never listened to Plaga, although I see they are indeed very similar to Mgla. I will have a listen.
  16. Wow, she is gorgeous. That butt physic though, Is it just me or did it jiggle?


  17. We tried and it still didn’t work. The person I did it with (@darkryuuzaki) tried to contact the developer Luc Bernard on Twitter and he said he’d look into it, but I don’t think he has heard back. We should all try!
  18. I just completed it recently. Servers are working fine currently. As someone said, a complete edition is available on the Eu store with the dlc
  19. I'll give it a go tomorrow. Mgla is absolutely great, heard of Plaga? They're also Polish and pretty much same genre. I like atmospheric metal nowadays whether it's death metal or black metal. I usually listen to old Urfaust albums when I stay up late.
  20. It's still available on EU stores, so your only chance would be to buy the game AND the DLC digitally with an alternate EU account, install both and play it on the US account on the PS3.
  21. People won’t care because it doesn’t have a Platinum...
  22. Bioshock Infinite is somewhat garbage compared to the other shock games Lets forget about system shock 1&2 for this but Bioshock 1&2 were great takes on Ayn Rand's philosophy and that humans are essentially aholes. Shows the greed and hunger that humans have and are willing to go through for survival (I Feel this isnt fair due to me reading all her books in high school). After I beat the first game in 07 it left me thinking of humans are by nature greedy,selfish, and self preservative and this is what would happen to a Objectivist Utopia. Bioshock infinite is more or less PhYsICs , RaCisTs In ThE ClOuDssss, and oh look the multiverse theory where you are the bad guy....oh wait the first game did it within the first and second act The you are the villain all along part...not the multiverse Except it did it better with the concept of free choice. PLUS THE ENDING! Oh my F*** is the ending hot trash
  23. Final Fantasy 6 - I mean this and FF4 got me into Japanese RPGs. Give me a old school SquareSoft game any day of the week. Xenogears - The closest to an Evangelion RPG we will ever get. The Proto-sequels while also good isn't even near the awesomeness of XG. Chrono Trigger - Twists and Turns and DEATH! While being fun. Metal Gear - The original NES version was the first game that felt like a film to me. Minus the final Metal Gear that was removed in the US game. Elemental Gearbolt - If you are not crying at the end, you have no soul. And this is a light gun game! Final Fantasy Tactics - If Shakespeare wrote a Tactics game. And included fallen angels. Final Fantasy VII - The RPG that changed EVERYTHING. Silent Hill - If David Lynch and Stephen King made a video game. Metal Gear Solid - Like the original, but better. Suikoden II - Yeah this gets dark. Shadow of Memories - The game where you die over and over and over again trying to make history right. Silent Hill 2\3 - Yeah this is dark too. Really dark.\Yeah she's "her". And a bunch of newer games- - - L.A. Noire, Until Dawn, Life is Strange, Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, Everybody's Gone To The Rapture, Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, What Remains of Edith Finch, Oxenfree, Horizon Zero Dawn, The Invisible Hours, NieR: Automata, Remember Me, Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, SOMA, Marvel's Spider-Man, Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition, Assassin's Creed II
  24. Multiple playthroughs, especially when the game isn't changed at all by different decisions. One time is enough for 99% of the games out there.
  25. Aren't ambush camps just done through side quests through each of your camps? Just do all the side quests through your camps and you should get the trophy
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