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#6171 Guessing Game (that one trophy) from Payday 2. Feels pretty good getting this luck based fiend, so I can get the platinum (hopefully) soon.


i don't know how to get the trophy image so it's not here.

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40-bronze.png Sharpshooter
Score a goal from a Free Kick


HaHa...done in a worldclass Squad Battle Match...wooohhhooo... :yay::dance:


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Pay off O'aka's debt


Doing this is annoying as hell and a pain but you HAVE to do it for Perfect Ending 100%


But at least it's done now 😅


Also... once you do it... O'aka sells stuff really cheaply and you can abuse this to where you buy his cheap stuff and sell it back to Barkeep (Airship merchant in Cabin) until you get as much money as you want. I did this for a little bit but only until I got my 100k back. lol.


Things are still going pretty well for the most part too. 👍


Though that may end soon once Sphere Break happens in Chapter 3. It's also possible it will happen at the final thing to do in Chapter 2. But that's why you make lots of saves and save abuse if it comes to that point. Still though... 😑


Current Progress:


Chapter 2 with 33.8%




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