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My Name is Mayo EU release date FINALLY


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16 minutes ago, Maxie Mouse said:

Enjoy your double (PS4 & Vita) plats, Europeans! :awesome:


Mayo is better than other cheap games anyway. It’s silly, visually good and meaningful. And it’s also out of gaming convention saying like “I’m different guys! I’m unique! You don’t like me? That’s not my problem!” (and I don’t talk Trophy-wise!) :P 


Remember, I wrote the Mayo trophy guide in this website and I wrote it after plat’d the PS4 version, then I played the Vita version for a second revision and I reconsidered my opinion and value over this game. Yes it have been made to react people as intended, yes it’s worth the dollar you spend because you laugh how ridiculous this game is.


Oh yeah, I forgot...



This post is exactly correct.

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48 minutes ago, DennisWilles said:

Think about what you are doing for a second. You're paying for absolutely nothing. It's literally wasting money to not play a game. Despite the low price it adds up and supporting this is a disgrace to gaming as a whole. You should be better than this. 

I say the humor in this game is worth the 99 cents. It's a pretty funny game to be honest. Buy yes, most people just buy it for the easy Platinum of course.

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11 minutes ago, Maxie Mouse said:

@SlimSanta94 Stream everything too! You making a cup of coffee, with music and responsing to the chat... while spamming the X button! This time, it won’t be less boring than the first time! :awesome:

May i suggest god of war 2 theme as a background soundtrack to make this EPIC!!!!



BTW, someone else here also wonders how much profit this game had? ?

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3 minutes ago, Maxie Mouse said:

@aZombieDictator Same here. I’m satisfied with my two present Platinums.


And we can technically only have 3 platinums maximum if EU versions have stacked trophy lists since we can only play with digital Vita games linked to our main account.

Ahh ok, didn't know that. I don't mess with the regional account stuff. Not worth it. Takes time aways from good games and I don't wanna be stacked up with same easy Platinums.

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@aZombieDictator The Vita is limited to one account per console. So screw your multi-regional digital Vita games. Although, physical copies work perfectly regardless of your account region.


That’s one big flaw that leads  to the situation the Vita is now.

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4 minutes ago, Undead Wolf said:

Oh good... I think I'll pass, thanks. I don't want to support stuff like this.



What's funny about that? :hmm:

England is no longer a member of the EU. So it is kinda ironic to use a non-EU landmark to advertise an EU release (I think UK region on PSN still belongs to EU but yeah... it's ironic because if Brexit)

On another note... Always wondered about that game. Might be funny with its jokes but nothing where I would spend my money. I like to have at least a bit of work poured into my trophies :D

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