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(Edit) My Steelport to shut down on January 31st, 2018 - Platinum actually still obtainable


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Official website of Saints Row stated on December 10th that My Steelport - the platform used to share characters - will shut down due to a significant reduction of its users.

This means that, if you did not obtain Jumped In for Saints Row: The Third and Saintified for Saints Row IV (and Re-elected on PS4 as well!) before January 31st, 2018, plats for these two games will become unobtainable!

It's time to get these games off your backlog if you didn't already do it.


Source: https://www.saintsrow.com/news/detail/article/6121/

EDIT: Confirmed by @SaintsRow on Twitter



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This doesn't affect the PS4 versions of 4 as the trophy is just for saving a character. 


8 minutes ago, Zolkovo said:

Is there anything server related in Gat Out of Hell?


Coop, but the actual MP for the games isn't being taken down, only the character upload thing. 

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8 minutes ago, NamoPh said:


You seem pretty confident in that claim. Has there been an official source to back it up?


The devs themselves. They've stated all they're turning off MySteelport which is for character creation/upload. It's not related to the games' multiplayer. 

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4 minutes ago, juwaker230 said:

so what trophies do i need to get exactly so i can got my platinum later? is it just character creation trophies or all trophies that include multiplayer?


Only the one trophy related to uploading characters on the PS3 lists for 3 and 4 have a possibility of becoming unobtainable. There's no multiplayer trophies in those games. 

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30 minutes ago, rdhight said:

Thanks for the update. I apparently got confused about what year it was and bought the game today thinking the original announcement was for Jan. 2019. "Oh, what luck, I'm just in time!"


Go me.


Glad to know it's still obtainable!

Yes it is. Just got it today on my PS4 and everything! ?

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