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Alright, finally our guide is up. Not that you guys will need it anyway given the delay lol


But if we could get some feedback on the bigger trophies that would be rad.


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On 1/3/2021 at 7:21 AM, Drahcir7x2 said:

I've been Farming the Dire Shadows In Sendai at Merciless and it is super worth it. With the right setup & party, it goes down on 4-5 minutes and gives out WAY more than Metatron on Easy.


My Setup


Lucifer (Max Stats)

- Ice Amp

- Ice Boost

- Freeze Boost

- Diamond Dust/Ice Age

- Spell Master


Team: Yusuke, Ann, Sophia




Just Cast Diamond Dust/Ice Age till Frozen, then wail on the Snake King until unfrozen, freeze and repeat.


Spend All Non-SP Incense on Yusuke, so that he can be a back-up.


Thanks for the tips, I will try this one.


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I would also like to add my vote for the Merciless Snake King farm instead of that awful Metatron.


At first I was too lazy and thought there was a lot of planning to get that Lucifer with all the Ice stuff, but turns out most things come from Black Frost and one other thing form Alice, so it's super easy to set up.

On top of that I added Rebel Soul (which Lucifer learns naturally), Soul Thief (recover SP when causing an ailment. I had a skill card for that one) and Ailment Boost. From my other Personas I had a Yoshitsune that, among other things, had Heat Riser.

The rest of the team should be Ann and Yusuke, since both use the weakness of the boss, and for last I put in Wolf just to use Debilitate, so anyone with Debilitate can work.


All that combined made this fight on Merciless EASIER than Metatron on easy. Not only that, it's much less annoying (since there is no need to accept/report a request) and gives triple the Bond Exp. The fight is also shorter than Metatron, too.


Playing on Merciless up to that point was very easy with a maxed out Yoshitsune, Lucifer and a Sarasvati for healing. Party members died here and there but they are not really needed. Maxing out Personas is also really fast with that thing to pass on increased stats from one Persona to the next (it's like an hour to set up the first maxed out stats Persona, but from there onwards you can get anything you want instantly).


In short, go for that Merciless Snake King if you care about your mental health...


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