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Street Fighter 6 - 92 on Metacritic


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Play the Street Fighter 6 Demo now on PS5 and PS4 for a tiny slice of what the full game will offer!

Train up with Ryu and Luke, delve into the depths of avatar creation, and dip a toe into World Tour.





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50 minutes ago, SiC said:


Man this trailer hyped me up more so than any other so far

Just the idea of working with your favorite characters and building up your own has me eager to jump in!! Juri will be the first one for me probably, her or Ken

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39 minutes ago, Akrioz said:

Trophy list revealed.


It seems like nothing difficult this time. Except for winning 10 tournaments, but I am pretty sure that will be boostable.

Definitely a grind, but it's a relief there's no ranking requirements. That gave me too much unnecessary stress/anxiety in SFV (and I'm only in Ultra Bronze, but I may try to make a push to Silver next week!).

The single player stuff as separate DLCs with only online in the main is a weird approach, but I don't mind. If you sent me this list and didn't tell me the DLC part, I would've said that's a perfectly normal list. I guess it's because we can download this in parts so, technically, the online portion is the base game.

Worth noting, the online stuff is likely on a unified server. So you should be able to jump back and forth between PS4 and PS5 like in Yu-gi-oh Master Duel. So at the very least, platinum should be an auto-pop regardless of which system you start with. But we'll see.

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