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What games are you looking forward to but are currently on ice with no date release ?


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Hollow Knight: Silksong, been waiting for more news on this game but I may just revisit the first title to hold me over. Ill also throw in a mention for the new Silent Hill projects, would be fun to be able to play one of them for the upcoming Halloween season but I've got some horror games I can chew through beforehand.

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22 minutes ago, steveblazinggrin said:

I didn't know that they planned on porting btd6, very excited for this.

I loved Bloons TD 5. One of my favourite plats. I was combing through the patch notes and the latest from July tells they are on their last bug fixes for the Xbox version and PlayStation is being developed in parallel. https://steamdb.info/patchnotes/11771507/

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Hazelnut Bastille and Witchbrook are two that I've been looking forward to for ages, so it'll be happy days when or if either ends up releasing. Mina the Hollower and Silksong are both obligatory, but at least I have faith they're both coming eventually!

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