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PSN Flash Sale is back

Aranea Highwind

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YES!!! Darksiders for $5 I swear to god i was almost gonna buy it last time i went to gamestop for $15. Thank you so much for this news Agent Harper!

Also I might get Datura, the raven, Guacamelee!(surpriced this game is there since it seams to be the newest, but why should I argue over that $5 deal).

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man, i wish it was Darksiders 2 instead of one. That was the one game i'm most interested in.


Btw, has anyone played that Arcania game listed in the sale? if so, is it any good?

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Well, even when i already platinumed it I'd buy Darksiders, absolutely epic, 200 times better than its sequel.

Someone knows whether Red faction armaggedon servers are still up? I know that even a bundle (RF1, RFG, RFA)  is coming, but who knows hehe.

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Am I the only one who saw " Red Dead Redemption, Mortal Kombat, Midnight Club Los Angeles, GTA 4" and said "Is this the developers way of telling us, it's okay guys the servers are okay, buy this game". 

They probably Added these titles there to either tell us all, that the game's servers will be okay......or they are trying to Milk the last drop of cash from these titles before the servers die.

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