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There's a Post a Signature thread, so I thought of making a "Post your Trophy Card" Thread because the site lets you be Customizeable with it.

For instance Mine:


  • Has a Overlay Custom color of Light Purple.
  • Trophies layout showing my last 2 played games.
  • With my Background set as "Necro-San".

The Above Card is an image I saved & uploaded in Tinypic.com, then posted here as a image to show you that over time it won't be the same as my current one here:


I did this to not confuse future readers of my post when I describe it, if you want you can also try to post your current trophy card as a image to avoid confusion among the rest, if you want(optional).

If you don't know how, then just follow these instructions on the Spoiler:

1. go to "My PSN Profile" on the right corner. (For example mine is "https://psnprofiles.com/DarknessKey92").

2.Click on your user name(located on the upper right corner) to reveal a list of options.

3.scroll down to "Trophy Cards", and "right click" on your gamercard's image.

4.Once right clicked, scroll down to "Save Image as..." a new tab will pop up asking you to select a place to save the image on. I recommend a place you will be able to find it quickly like "desktop", then click "Save".

5.Next go here http://tinypic.com/ and click "Choose File", once another tab pops up; find the Image you just saved and double click it.

6.Once you've done that just click the big green "UPLOAD NOW!" Button.

7.Wait for it to load, then just "highlight and copy" the URL that's under "Direct Link for Layouts".

8.Just come back here and on the post's options above it, click the "picture icon"(below the "A & the   :)).

9.When you click it the last pop up titled "Image Properties" will show up asking for a "URL". now just "right click" the space it expects you to type the url, and scroll down to "Paste". Once done just hit "OK.


Also you can post your trophy card from this site or any other 1.

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I've only played fifa, but I really like the look and colours of the lone survivor trophy card, so I'm using that, I do have the game and I'll play it one day;

but for now I'll just 'borrow' its trophy card. ;)

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I haven't updated my PS3Trophies profile yet, so it shows me with 960 trophies instead of 961. :P And only one I don't have at the moment is the PSN Trophy Leaders trophy card.

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Mine's also in the sig, so I don't post this here extra again. The last two games I currently play are: Oreshika 2 and Corpse Party:Blood Drive. But later on Corpse Party: BD would be replaced, 'cause I wanted to play my new Lost Dimension :shakefist:

In the background nothing much, just Celestia from Danganronpa as always. :wub:

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Here's mine at the moment...





As you can see, it's in two parts... I rendered it myself from a promotional work.

It's Rintarou Okabe and Kurisu Makise from Steins;Gate, which I just started watching...


Overlay is just a default grey and, as you can see, I keep the card clear.

Should probably get a Premium membership so I can have five-part trophy cards.

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Mine is in my sig :)

Just wanted something really unique and personal, so its a picture from when I went to see my favourite band Patent Pending, with People on Vacation, and was lucky enough to get VIP tickets, I imagine it shall stay this way for quite a while :)


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Has a Overlay Custom color of Orange... Dunno why I am loving orange these past few days...
Trophies layout showing my last 6 Plats earned
With my Background set as surprise surprise... my current avy... Vanille...
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