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Do you skip anime openings and endings?



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  1. 1. Do you skip theme songs?

    • Yes, I always skip them
    • Yes, I watch them the first time, and then I skip them
    • Yes, I usually skip them unless it's really good
    • Depends on how much I like it
    • No, I generally watch them unless they're really bad
    • No, I always watch them

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This one is more towards the anime community on the forums (well, non-anime fans can participate, too, but theme songs have all but disappeared in western shows as of late).


When watching an anime, do you skip the theme songs or do always watch them?


Personally, I always watch them. I find that, even if I don't really like them at first, sometimes they grow on me with time (like the opening of Hunter X Hunter). Also, I think the theme song is part of the experience of an anime.


I may do an exception when the song is absolutely abysmal, though (like the 12th One Piece opening).


What about you guys?

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It depends on how many I'm watching in a row. If I know I'm marathoning through 10+ episodes of a single anime in a day, I'll watch it the first time and skip it (after making sure it didn't change) the following times. If I'm watching less than 10 episodes of a single anime in a day, I'll watch them in their entirety. So most of the time I'll watch them, but on the occasions that I watch a whole season at once, I'll skip them.

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While watching through Psycho-Pass, I couldn't get used to the second opening and ending songs. I ended up skipping the opening. I'll have to go back and give them another chance. 
For anyone who is interested about the songs:
First Opening/Ending:

First opening: "Abnormalize" - Ling Tosite Sigure

First ending: "Name No Nai Kaibutsu" ("Monster Without A Name") - Egoist

Second Opening/ending:

Second opening: "Out of Control" - Nothings Carved In Stone

Second ending: "All Alone With You" - Egoist

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I always skip them because it's always, always, the same cliches: some horrible Jpop or Jrock song overlaid on the anime characters flying through the air executing their special attacks, that or flying through the air pointing and yelling soundless at...something. The "camera"? Something just to the left or right and behind it? Standing introspectively in the wind, or standing head to head glaring super-cereal at each other. Then at the end they have a group "photo" of all the characters smiling, including for some inexplicable reason the bad guys.


Yeah, here we go. I knew someone had to have made a video of this:

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I don't watch anime, but the amount of time I've spent watching the openings to stuff like FMA, that show where Bowling for Soup did the theme song, and other ones I can't think of, is numbered in the hours. 


I've generally found that a lot of anime have/has really good theme songs. Ready Steady Go and Rewrite (from FMA) are two of my favorite songs, and I've not even seen an episode of any of the versions of FMA.

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I almost always watch the openings, but almost always skip the endings. I think it's because when I open the anime, I'm done touching it and just want to sit back and let it play. But once it reaches the ending, I just want to get to the next episode and skip the ending. The only time I will watch the ending all the way through is on the final episode, when it serves as a good closure to the end of the season.

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It depends. If i'm doing a marathon, i watch them for the first time and than skip. If i'm watching one per week, at the moment the episode is launched, i always watch.


One exception to that was Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan). I was doing a marathon but i always watched the opening because it was too freaking good.

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I skip them about 95% of the time only because they usually have songs that I don't like. So far, the only anime I have watched without skipping the theme song has been :

.Samurai Champloo (my favorite actually)


.Desert Punk

Wow that's a shorter list than I expected, lol. But then again I don't watch a lot of anime titles.

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