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Happy Back to the Future Day!


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I'll probably watch the movies, since I've played the game but never watched those. It'd be cool if someone platinumed the game today. :P


I was thinking about that, but circumstances didn't allow it... Too bad :S



Back to the Future is now a movie from the past, that goes to the future, that is in the past. :blink:

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I watched the triology because these are superawesome movies ^_^ But I dont like the third that much, because I find Clara really annoying...

But the second movie is my favorite movie of all time... And its older than me! >_< Well, I dont like these non-stop-action movies from nowadays... Lucy was cool and The Voices was awesome (that cat!! =D) but the other movies from nowadays I tried were meh...


Maybe Back To The Future 2 stays as my favorite movie for the rest of my life, who knows! ^_^

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This must be a cool day for people born on the 21'st, especially born on that date :D


But I didn't do much. I was actually surprised none of the channels I watch didn't run some kind of Back to the Future marathon to celebrate it.

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