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Current and upcoming events for the "Community Ambassador" trophy


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53 minutes ago, turpinator1986 said:

Happy to report that today I got the trophy for this, and thus the platinum, after only 16 events so I would highly recommend to anybody who thinks they missed out and are too late, do the remaining ones anyway. 


You're the first one to report that they got it before hitting 20 or more events then. I wouldn't take the risk if they like to go for complete profiles.

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1 hour ago, Lars said:

@totallycrushed, thanks a thousand times for this topic, every week you reminded me to go back and complete the events because otherwise, i would have forgotten, i finally got the trophy yesterday so now i can go on and try for the platinum for this game now the most tedious trophy is out of the way


Good job! The worst part is over!

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27 minutes ago, totallycrushed said:


Unfortunately yes. If you're just starting the game you can't go for the platinum anymore since there's not enough Community Events anymore.

Aww, that sucks. Was looking forward to going for this. Guess i wont be getting it then. Thanks for the heads up :)

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20 minutes ago, Ac3NiNjA said:

So they 100% confirmed that there will be no more community events after 6th Mar. 2018? (from OP)

I'm willing to put in the hours to get the plat but if it's no longer obtainable, I guess I won't bother.. Might as well save up for PC2 instead if that's the case.


These will be the final events for pCARS so for any newcomers, the platinum is unobtainable.

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Hi i have a big problem and maybe someone can help me with the same experience like happened to me.

I finished 18/20 Community Events and today by a system fail my savefile is corrupted. I started a new savefile and now im not sure if this trophy is obtainable for me.

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