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Mechanique: A Tale of the Circus Tresaulti. Steampunk circus? Oh, hell yes!


I'm only a few chapters in so not much to add personally at the moment, but the io9 review sums things up rather nicely:

Genevieve Valentine's Mechanique, a steampunk/post-apocalyptic/magical-realist/paranormal adventure, is one of those rare books that will transform your understanding of genre. It's a genuinely literary book that uses the elements of genre to tell the truth about people. Fittingly for a book about acrobats and tumblers, this book both soars and confounds your expectations.
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I'm currently reading this:


It's the twelfth book in the series and was almost the last because the author Robert Jordan died. Luckily his wife was able to find an author to take his place and not only finish book twelve, but the rest of the series. Brandon Sanderson picks up where Jordan left off almost seamlessly. Sanderson, author of the Mistborn trilogy and Elantris, is a very good storyteller. If you're into fantasy, I recommend the series and Sanderson's previous titles.

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