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best time for trophies?


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Just out of interest I had a look at my statistics and apparently Mondays and 9PM are the best time for me to get trophies.  I can imagine that it will soon be a Sunday now that I work Mondays.


My point is when do your stats say is your best time and what day?

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Okay going for the newbie question. Joined site this morning but looking to find out the quick way to see my trophie statistcs? Would like to find out my date/time combo. Thx, W


EDIT :: Okay managed to stumble across it looks like mine is Saturdays & 7am

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My best day is Saturday. The times slowly taper up to a best time of 9 pm for me, with one exception. For some reason, 7 am is significantly better for trophies than any of the hours surrounding it, and that stems from the couple of months where I worked a graveyard shift and was usually trying to get some gaming in after work before I went to bed at 8 am.

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