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  2. Yes, I've encountered the same dilemma right now.
  3. Same same
  4. Same here, mine literally just did the same
  5. Same problem here. Never changed username or trophy privacy
  6. I´ve the same issue...thank god I´m not alone...
  7. Yep me to
  8. Can confirm as well that after an update here, my profile now shows no trophy data (actual PSN account is fine and shows trophies; not hidden, either).
  9. The actual game is pretty fun, the trophies are a little weird, and the game is glitchy so you gotta be saving like crazy, as for the multiplayer, it can be boosted with 3 consoles. I did most of it with 1 person, then the rest solo. It honestly isnt that bad, just boring, watch a movie or listen to a podcast or something.
  10. you are not alone.. some profiles are private. dont know why..
  11. I have same problem. 0 trophies after update account.
  12. Jesus Christ, what a clusterfuck. Tried it four times with Henry's car, didn't work. Always kept crashing into an invisible wall. And no, there's no fucking way to open the gate manually, stop saying that. I shot the gate to pieces so it would drop, tried punching it: the wall's still there. Reloaded the entire mission from the main menu, but picked my own car from the garage: didn't work. Invisible wall. Said "fuck it", and did a hard reboot of the game. Resumed the chapter, got in the car, drove to the gate again. Invisible wall at first, then I backed up to smash it again out of desperation... Suddenly the wall's gone, and I bust through the gate properly! Mafia II's a good game, but this remaster is - technically speaking - a disgrace. If Hangar 13 is in charge of this, they should be ashamed of themselves. How can you screw up a remaster of a game that came out ten years ago?
  13. Might be a problem with PSN or something. Nothing appearing on my recent activities either.
  14. I don’t know what has happened but when I went to update myself just now it says that my profile is private. I haven’t changed the privacy settings on my PSN account. Have I done something wrong or is anyone else having this problem?
  15. That's where I was. The key appeared once I exited the game and loaded it back up.
  16. #COOKWITHME: Marenian Tavern Story (Ultra) (0%) #DANCESINGWITHME: Akiba's Beat #CRAFTWITHME: Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny (Ultra) (11%) #HANGOUTWITHME: Hero Must Die Again #READWITHME: Death Mark (Ultra) #LEARNWITHME: Enslaved: Odyssey to the West (Ultra) (0%) #GETREADYWITHME: Tales of Symphonia (Ultra) (7%) #SOLVEWITHME: Word Search by POWGI (Ultra) #STAYHOMEANDWATCH: Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter #BONDWITHME: Nier (Ultra) #WORKOUTWITHME: Dark Cloud (0%) #FIGHTWITHME: Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes (Ultra) (0%) #TRAVELWITHME: TBA #GAMEWITHME: Dark Cloud 2 (Ultra) (0%) Finished up the speedrun in Nier and got the plat! It's also my 150th plat as well. Actually took a lot less time than I thought, it was more like around 10 hours when you have to do it under 15 hours. I even goofed off a bit and did some grinding so I'd be at a more decent level and did a few quests to raise enough money to get the best weapon in the game. Only hard part was the boss at the end of the first act because for one phase of it you have to knock out about a third of its HP meter before it can reach a certain location and on a speedrun you do so little damage that if you mess up even the slightest here, it's game over. Thankfully a game over just put you back to the last checkpoint with full health so with bosses you start at the beginning of whatever phase you reached in case you do screw up so it just took a lot of tries to ensure I got the perfect timing and barely defeat that shit-hog as Kaine so kindly put it. After that, the rest was easy.
  17. Hey. Having trouble here. I've never changed my username or changed my privacy settings. It's always been set to Anyone. Suddenly no trophies are appearing on this site. Any ideas? Thanks.
  18. Sorry pal, but I disagree with you. If I was trophy hunting I would try to trophy every game out there. I only stick to games that are on my wishlist.
  19. Stealth armour was my favourite purely for the radiation protection so I didn’t need to change into a hazmat suit for the nuke zones. I used it from about level 65 onwards
  20. This challenge is perfect for me. Up until this year, I've been very bad at finishing games. I just jumped around from game to game and hadn't completed the story of a game for a long time. Then in February, someone told me to try The Last of Us and I loved that game so much I completed it about 20 times over the next month! Since then, for some reason, I've changed my gaming habits and I've started playing games from start to finish. I still play other games during these playthroughs, but it doesn't distract me from completing the main game I'm playing anymore. Since February, I've completed The Last of Us, Horizon: Zero Dawn, The Wolf Among Us, FFVIIR, Mekabolt and Knightin+ (but those two are the cheese plats, fun games though!) and I'm 1 singles and 6 doubles matches away from finishing Hot Shots Tennis! This event is going to help me continue to finish games, it's great motivation!
  21. I decided to power through after initially deciding not to play it. Enjoying my time with it though, just hope a patch comes soon as I want to do the DLC as well
  22. YAKUZA 6: THE SONG OF LIFE Skill Dabbler Obtained 10 skills. Feeling the Heat Activated Extreme Heat Mode 10 times. A Man's Experience Obtained 1,000 total experience points. Just Getting Started Completed 10 items on the Completion List. To Be This Good Takes AGES Played every Club SEGA game.
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