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Microsoft offering PS3 trade ins


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So I came across this this morning (didn't see anything in the forums) :




Bascially, Microsoft will give you 100$ if you trade in your PS3 or Xbox360 - and buy an Xbox One


I'm not sure how many gamers would go for this, but it's a pretty decent discount if you wanted to make the move.


I doubt it would make anyone do it if they weren't already looking at an Xbone though


Full news here :


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Damn Microsoft looking more like the bad guy through out the Console War, I never hated Xbox when it was the original or 360 but during this Console War they're turning into pricks now, First the whole Xbox one policies (Constant Online Connection, Anti-Sharing and Anti-Used game), then the sneaky deals with Machinima (which i would have been alright with had it not been confidental deal), this on the other hand is kinda of laughable, I don't think people would shift from Playstation to Xbox infact it has become the opposite, many felt betrayed by Xbox first policies that they jumped shipped to Playstation (All my friends were loyal to Xbox, I was the only one loyal to Playstation, they made fun of me for sticking with the PS3 saying i would be playing alone since they're all have Xbox 360 and in the end they were all betrayed by Xbox and now they're getting PS4)
Only Console War related GIF i have

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I wonder what Microsoft plan to do with all these Playstations. I would imagine they're not going to be in a hurry to sell them off themselves and give Sony new customers, so are they willing to take a loss on each one and just have them gather dust in some warehouse?


However I do believe anyone who actually goes for this is an absolute fool. The experience one of the last gen consoles can provide is worth a hell of a lot more than $100. I just can't understand the mindset of people who are willing to get rid of their Xbox 360s or PS3s in favour of these new consoles.

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Some people will go for it I'm sure and there's nothing wrong with it if they do. I'm also sure several of us have seen instances where as soon as a person got a PS4 they apparently got rid of their PS3, there's been a couple instances of that here that I recall, and this incentive gives those gamers something to consider. Though given it's only available in an actual Microsoft Store it still makes it a pretty limited incentive since they're only in 31 states and even then they only have 1-2 locations in most of those states.


I've seen some posts around, not here but on general gaming sites/articles, where people had the PS3 but were going to get an Xbox One instead, either because of the exclusives or they didn't like the controller. The reverse has also been seen of course too.


It's funny seeing people making negative remarks about this though given up to the release of the systems every time MIcrosoft admitted they made a mistake Sony was there doing the advertising equivalent of laughing at Microsoft and saying "you suck". Microsoft had already hurt themselves enough with that as it was, there was no need for Sony to pretty much rub salt in the wound. That was one of the reasons I actually cancelled my PS4 preorder, that and the Day One Achievement was at least an incentive to preorder Xbox One and that was more than the PS4 gave me. I don't really care about achievements/trophies though since I will get the achievements/trophies in the games I play but don't get games just to get achievements/trophies. Of course it turns out I hated the DS4 too so that worked out well lol (I had bought a DS4 at launch to use on the PS3 to get acclimated to and now tolerate it).

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Well both companies are in desperate times but Microsoft are pretty blatant about theirs so 1 point to Sony. Now Sony's Credit is now cut to "Junk" status it seems that the console industry is diminishing very quickly. 


Sony Credit Status:


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After the shitstorm that has been the last 5 years, I wouldn't really look at credit statuses ;)


Well Sony do have it tough considering Samsung is fighting both mobile and TV department, then they have to vs other in the laptop and tablet race so yer if I was Sony I would be worried.


Anyway back on topic, this is funny. I think Microsoft will be having a $100/£100/100 Euro slash in the near future. 

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