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Maximum Security difficulty


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Dead Space 1 also had trophy for beating the game on any difficulty and one for beating the game on the hardest difficulty. So i guess it's gonna be similar to impossible mode from DS1. Still gonna be harder than DS1 because game is more focused on close combat and enemies are way faster than necromorphs and environment also in this game is very deadly.

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I hope this is extremly hard. So it becomes ultra? So happy for this diffculty!???


Edit: Trophy is called The protocal is about life, so it might as well be perma. Mein leben in wolfenstein 2 ment my life i think. And that was perma. So it could be ?

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1 hour ago, bikeman223 said:


Someone in the main thread posted this, I think it came from the Steam page description originally. 

I forgot this had a season pass : / 

I asked for it for Christmas, so if I get it I guess buying the pass myself isn't so bad. 

Not a fan of what Riot Mode is, really, or the Contagion Mode, but that Story DLC ... I definitely want that. 

When a horror game gives you a wave mode for killing monsters, it takes away the scary for me. 

And I don't particularly like a no death run that I can't save scum. There's too much shit to play for me to replay a long game over and over if I die.

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1 hour ago, Optinooby said:


Thanks mate good to know ;)


Looks like there will be 2 versions of platinum then.


V1 - The easier version consisting of 2 playthroughs. 1 easy 1 hard and perhaps unlockables for hard if thats a thing.


V2 - Jump straight in on hard, 1 playthrough ;)


I'll likely cover both! Assuming the all death animations trophy is not connected to any other trophy in any way, im glad that was taken out


Already anticipating the Opti video strats. ?

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4 hours ago, Sion413 said:

I remember Glen talking about having a trophy for seeing all death animations, I guess that didn't make the cut.

I was just coming to post this lol. Though I am kinda glad this was not included, grinding 100 deaths in Alien Isolation was bad enough but to have to find every unique death in a game like this... that's a lot of trial and error. 


I don't mind if there is playthrough on Hard mode if it equates to the original DS's difficulty. 

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