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Who is the oldest player on PS5?


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They say that age is just a number. And you will find many people all over the world who defy logic each and every single day. When it comes to video-gaming, there are a lot of elderly people who play games on a daily basis. It's a distraction for them too. They enjoy it, and for some, it helps them to escape from the reality of their real life problems. Those who are sick. Or are lonely. Or both. Video-games are not only for the young in age, but for the young at heart. But like everything else, people are judged adversely for it. There's nothing wrong with playing video-games. It's kind of therapeutic for our senior citizens. Much like how cats, puppies etc are taken to elderly people's homes to help with their state of mind. Gaming has the same effect for older people. Despite their slower reflexes, and slower thinking process's, they love to play video-games. Much respect to these very special people who continue to thrive in our ever-changing world.

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On 12/7/2023 at 8:32 PM, Ryudoz said:

My dad's 71 and he's a gamer.
Popular titles he's beat have been Last of Us 1 and 2, Days Gone, Plague Tale, Evil Within 1+2, all Resident Evil and Callisto Protocol.


Damn, if I was playing those titles at that age, I would def need double pampers... I already shit myself as it is, playing those!

Respect to him 💪

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Not a PS5, but... my grandfather used to play an MMORPG called Metin2 back when he was 86. He also finished the Uncharted trilogy on PS3 and was a huge fan of Tekken. He was from the generation of people who grew up under Nazi occupation, then the USRR occupation happened, so he had a rough life but when Poland became a sovereign country he had a good job and was finally able to buy stuff just for the sake of it. He started playing games on old consoles like Pegasus and Atari and became a real gamer way back in the 90s. When he was 94 he still used to drive his bike around to go to the church or buy groceries. He was the one who introduced me to games, as my parents were never really into this stuff. I miss him, he died at the age of 97, only because he had complications due to a surgery he didn't need, only his doctors pressured him into doing it. He might have been a 100-year-old gamer for all I know. 

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My Dad is 74 and isn't showing any signs of slowing down with his gaming. I bought him a copy of Dead Island 2 for Christmas and he's loving it so far. Other games he's currently playing are Sniper Elite 5, Cyberpunk 2077, and Resident Evil Village. He's thinking of picking up Resident Evil 4 next time he's out shopping. 

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