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Some surprisingly challenging trophies for a family/party game sporting a 'very rare' platinum (6.87%).  Finally starting to clean that backlog up a bit...

5 / 10


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#53: Smart As




Yay! I'm so glad to finally have the platinum for this as it is long overdue! Most of the game fairly quick to get the trophies for, but one of the trophies requires you to wait every week until a new Street Smart Challenge updates for you city. You need to get 100 stars total and the most that you can get per week is 9 stars (many times it's really difficult to get 9 depending on the challenges). The only way to get to 100 stars faster is to travel to other cities. When I first started the game I brought the Vita with me to the next closest town and use the Wifi at a Starbucks there but it still showed that I was in Raleigh so I guess it only works with major cities. 

The other thing was that a lot of times I would forget to to my challenge for the week and would totally miss out which would just push the plat back further. Thanks to people like stupot, dr_mayus, and ikildaddy I had a little help remembering. Thanks a lot guys!  :) 



You so smart :pimp:


I only have a couple more weeks myself. I am hoping to get LBPV before Smart As but we will see which will be first :D


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:platinum: #35





Trophy Collection Complete


Had to grind out the 40k Kills... FINALLY finished it.


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