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Post your BEST S.S.D.D. time here!

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1 minute ago, HoorayForTyler said:

19.50 for me. I found this training course tougher than the cargo ship in MWR for some reason. Can definitely go a second or two below 19 if you’re very fast. 

I found having my accuracy above 150% dropped my time right down pretty low.. i probably could have ran faster.


Just now, TheDragonfly44 said:

I got my time in at 19.25. I really liked going for this trophy actually 

So did I! I want to try and get below 19 after achieving the rest of the trophies.

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Wasn't sure I would be able to get this so practised in the original game on PC first! Got 19.65, but this included a +2 missed enemy; so knew it was feasible.


Got 18.35 after moving to the PS4. I found turning off the sound helped and also hip firing the first enemy in the second room (behind the sandbags / counter) shaves off a bit more.

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