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  2. If you could give me a thumbs up that would be appreciated! 😉 Steins;Gate Elite uses the anime visuals and voice acting from the series aired on Funimation in Japanese so it is a huge departure from the first game. Also there is a dating sim for Chaos;Head called Chaos;Head Chu Chu.
  3. The Shapeshifting Detective
  4. I'm all for it. I think console/platform elitism is silly More players for multiplayer means faster matchmaking, especially if a game's active base is smaller I have several friends I play with on Xbox It can be disabled in the main online games I play anyways, so complaints about PC gamers can be whining (I've probably had ten teammates on mic with "Ughhh PC gamers!!" in CoD when it was just a console gamer with mouse and keyboard lol) I do wish players and developers hadn't had to lead the push for cross though. While I'm Playstation all the way, Sony was less cooperative than Microsoft in supporting this... I believe Sony has the superior console, titles, and network this gen but their defense of that advantage (some might call it business, some might call it corporate greed) has spawned some less friendly decisions for the player on a few counts imo. Cross-play could be better than it is.
  5. I'm struggling to fire on these two frigates and man-o-war without completely destroying them. The objective is to shoot all the ships' powder stores. I've watched a few YouTube videos.. I can't seem to get it right. Any strategies or recommendations? and Yes, of course my Aquila is fully upgraded..
  6. Cross-play with other Playstation platforms, yes. Cross-play with PC, no.
  7. Nice match @ApriIis. I wasn't able to play much on Friday and Saturday so I had to put in some last-minute effort just now . I haven't done a super accurate check of our scores yet so I'm looking forward to seeing how it turned out.
  8. My 300th Platinum Trophy was another Kojima Game. Death Stranding. 'Greatest Of Great Deliverers'. Never thought I'd make it to this one but here I am. What a fantastic experience, got me out of a gaming burnout I've been suffering for ages.
  9. No way, I didn't know of any of this. Thanks for the heads up, I have Chaos;Child as well. Isn't Steins;Gate Elite the remake of Steins;Gate? I also didn't know there were more Chaos; games. I'm new to playing VNs and really like them.
  10. I am very familiar with the series! Play Steins;Gate, Steins;Gate Elite, Steins;Gate 0 and the spin offs you can play in any order. Keep in mind that Chaos;Head, Chaos;Child, and Robotics;Notes all reference the series heavily. Robotics;Notes Dash even has one of the main characters from Steins;Gate.
  11. They used probably a save file from an other person, which I think is not legit.
  12. This is a great question! Anybody?
  13. I was reading the guide for this on the PS3 version (I even have the trophy for the PS3 version, not sure how I obtained it, been far too long). It talks about the whole, Fart in the Jar and throwing it, then killing with the Penetrator. My question is to do with the Fart in a Jar, if I throw it at some gang members, can I then kill them however I wish? So long as they're under the affect of the Fart ordeal? Or does it actually have to be the Penetrator? I know the trophy is for killing with both, but I'm under the assumption that it's 25 kills for the Fart ad 25 for the Penetrator. Unless I'm understanding it wrong in that sense. Would like to get it done before taking over Steelport, so I have gang members I can use it on instead of needing to hunt them down.
  14. CUPCAKE UPDATE I am just 1 trophy away from achieving platinum on Golf With Your Friends. I will hopefully have this one soon also!
  15. Deadpool comes to mind for me. I remember when it first came out, I think people giving it a 4 or 5. Ultra-violent difficulty was so cheap, I nearly broke my controller on the final waves...although, me not liking the didn't help.
  16. I agree which is why the ability to 'switch off' trophies might be a better solution. That way you wouldn't need to create a blank account (which is what most of the profiles with very high completion rates do) you could simply try out a game before deciding whether you wanted to try and platinum it or not.
  17. Huh, okay, I'll play this after those two games then. Thanks!
  18. Anyone else wishes for this mix of Stardew Valley and Graveyard Keeper making its way to consoles ?
  19. Seeing it as a spin-off, it doesn't play a big role like the other two games. It's basically just a S;G themed dating sim.
  20. Yeah, I mean, I do see the humour in it, but I suppose there's a little context missing here because, as you can see, the screenshot starts off with them thanking me for my response. There had already been several messages back and forth before that where, while they weren't attempting to be humorous, they were being thoroughly useless, so I suppose that's why I was so upset about it. I was just fed up with them at that point. I'm usually up for a laugh but I feel like how badly they fucked up this remaster isn't really much of a laughing matter, you know?
  21. I've gotten to the point where I have all 3 bosses(againx3).
  22. So is this advised to play after those two games or it doesn't matter in which order?
  23. Throwing another update out there seeing as I won't be playing that much the next few days seeing as I've got work and other commitments. I've started farming from Boss Returns. I wish I could say I was consistent with the results, but plenty of deaths and frenzies (not to mention the Invincible crystals that only grant invincibility when it feels like it) meant it's been a little slow. By the way, does soap/shampoo not work in the 7 worlds redux? Anyway, I stumbled upon the 10 billion damage trophy after a run went really bad so I resorted to a peon ball which did about 11.8 billion damage. I'm still on Sun peon ball, but I think I'm close to Galaxy (504M HP, 485M SP). Anyway, the all-important stats: Charm: Ego: 79% Sadist: 77% Bipolar: 77% Ditz: 78% Terse: 77% Hyper: 79% Graceful: 78% Masochist: 78% Shampurus: 630305 Tier 01: 9999 / 9999 / 9999 / 9999 / 9999 / 9999 / 9999 Tier 02: 9999 / 9999 / 9999 / 9999 / 9999 / 9999 / 9259 Tier 03: 9999 / 9999 / 9999 / 9999 / 9999 / 9999 / 5490 Tier 04: 9711 / 5254/ 9999 / 9999 / 9129 / 9999 / 7086 Tier 05: 5219 / 9999 / 5748 / 8193 / 9999 / 9999 / 1109 Tier 06: 1449 / 9999 / 5440 / 7355 / 7514 / 3001 / 4672 Tier 07: 1169 / 6475 / 5690 / 4722 / 49 / 3548 / 536 Tier 08: 9999 / 4809 / 9999 / 9999 / 9045 / 2899 / 1119 Tier 09: 319 / 9999 / 9999 / 9999 / 5172 / 2007 / 1473 Tier 10: 9999 / 4617 / 9999 / 9999 / 1989 / 2820 / 9999 Tier 11: 95 / 450 / 3977 / 2687 / 1850 / 4785 / 9999 Tier 12: 0 / 9999 / 4214 / 1585 / 7962 / 6550 Tier 13: 2085 / 993 / 1912 / 1450 / 1882 / 1950 Tier 14: 2730 / 2320 / 2900 / 3045 / 2610 / 1380 Tier 15: 7240 / 5455 / 7872 / 7170 / 4025 / 5082 Playthroughs: 13 playthroughs Play Time: 664:24:38 Trophies: 45/51
  24. I would take the code of a winner lol - gl all
  25. Depends of the game if you play in pc you have advantage with the players of console like overwatch and similar games
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