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  2. Ya know having played FFVIII dozens of dozens of times, I never actually did the no level for highest stats strategy. So I was actually kinda looking forward to it. I would have played the game twice, once to enjoy it as it was always meant to be and then the no level run. But I digress, I've been hawking about what bothers me the most and thats not including every side quest(no shumi village? Really? Or no Winhill side quest???!) Sigh
  3. For those that completed the game and 100% the side quests already, just start a new game and complete 1 quest and the Hero of Avantia trophy will pop.
  4. Does anyone know what version this is?
  5. Just preordered on Amazon.
  6. If anyone else bought Jojo Bizarre Adventure off of the latest sale   (or has it in their backlog) hit up my gaming session.


    Or if anyone wants to be awesome who has the trophies already and doesn't mind quickly boosting these...also fantastic :)


  7. Since I've heard nothing about this physical collection being available in Europe, I just decided to pre-order it off the NA Amazon. Better safe than sorry. I definitely don't want to miss my chance to own this collection!
  8. Yeah, a bit disappointed in the trophy list... 😕 I was hoping it was going to at least be close to an UR plat, but I think any hope of that has disappeared (this'll probably be around 25-30%). 😅
  9. That's still awesome! I initially wanted to enrol into the biochemistry program but I settled with molecular biology so while I'm decent with chemistry, I'm not as proficient as I want to be. So for that im going to choose some chemistry courses as my electives. Haha I also never thought I'd be mentioning ubiquitin ligases and microtubules on a gaming website but here we are. And actually I've an upcoming course literally called microbiology which has a practical component so I'm looking forward to that. And indeed, that song kicks ass! I still remember it plays on the KDST channel and for some reason it likes to play when you're driving an airplane. Thank you very much and thank you for asking the question . Haha I got carried away when answering that question and it forced me to put my thinking hat on.
  10. Nope. However it does have dual language: English and Japanese.
  11. We got a new feature in the new update. We now have meowficers who join your fleets and raise certain stats of the flats.
  12. Yeah the Touchpad controls are awkward. but you get used to them and you always had plenty of time to do the choices. I would have preffered a normal control layout aswell. Game was fun, controls was meh.
  13. Hi

    I am new here. Thanks for having me
  14. The old version is currently on discount sale. Is this the new version? Can someone verify it?
  15. I'll join up. My list is final; only circumstances outside my control will alter my list. A Hat in Time Broforce Cyberdimension Neptunia: Four Goddesses Online Double Dragon Neon Everybody's Golf Fallout 4 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas htoLNiQ: The Firefly Diary + Hatsune Miku Project DIVA Future Tone Infinifactory Just Cause 3 + Jet Set Radio King's Quest L.A. Noire Megadimension Neptunia VII Ninja Pizza Girl Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES + Persona 4 Golden + Persona 5 + Psychonauts Q*bert Rebooted Touhou Genso Rondo Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny Spyro Reignited Trilogy (All three) Trinity Universe + Touhou Genso Rondo Uncanny Valley Valkyria Chronicles 4 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Xenodrifter Yomawari: Night Alone Zone of the Enders HD collection (Both games) If a letter has more then 1 game in it, I'm playing all of them. I just wanted to make this harder for myself.
  16. Preorders live on Amazon NA!!!!
  17. Not to sound facetious, but does anyone actually like this game? I realized during the red series that I had to try and find something about this game that was remotely enjoyable, but I still don't see it. What keeps you guys going when you're beating your brains in restarting every few seconds?
  18. This has to be one of the funniest shit I've seen in recent years. It never gets old. Couldn't agree more!!



  19. I have written a guide over at PST, hopefully it will make the game easier.
  20. There are events at this moment.
  21. Seeing as you have the plat, are you planning to make a guide. I'm wanting to rent this game, but would like to know what I'm in for.
  22. That sounds quite weird. Can you upload a picture of your trophy list in the PS3? The language thing, also. I remeber changing language on my console back in the day, and most trophies would resync to the current language, overwriting the previous one (except in cases where a list only had the original language intended by the developers). Now that I read again, you mentioned that you got a NEW PS3 about 5 years ago. Was there a previous one where you got your save data? If so, maybe it's some sort of conflict between the two systems, the new one being in french. Maybe a solution would be to transfer your save file to the new console. That may rectify the situation.
  23. Thanks for the follow, nya!



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