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  2. Can I get the other Data Drops early in the game or do I have to wait for the point of no return? It was hard for me to find anything with the station so dark and changed, on my next run I’d like to look for everything before this dark turn. Do you know when I can find Emma’s last message in her bunk for the trophy “Searching the Bunks”? And sorry, I don’t know what to do for the trophy “An Anomaly”. I’m still wondering about this myself.
  3. I am having a problem with merging my account. The site thinks that my new name is my old name and vice versa. When I type my new name into the box on the front page, the response is "error: this account was merged in a psn name change." When I type my old name into the box, the response is that my trophy list is private and cannot be seen (which isn't true, as I went through the entire process of making sure none of my trophies were hidden on PS4). Is there any way that I can fix this? Edit: For the record, "zackthekiller728" is the old name
  4. The actual part where people can walk around and play the available demos and stuff starts on June 11th. I imagine the press conferences + any news on other new games that didn't warrant a conference would start 2-3 days before the 11th.
  5. A lot of good choices here. Here are three, two of which scared the crap outta me when I was a kid: 1. Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow. This probably isn't all that scary to lots of people - certainly not when compared to what we can see today - but the gloomy 18th century atmosphere of New England paired with the violins really got me clenching throughout the film. The actors delivered the story quite well and despite their best warnings I just had to keep watching to find out how the story unfolded. I think the prosthetics and cinematography hold quite well even today. 2. The Cube. If you're looking for a movie filled with mystery which leads to tension and paranoia, which then leads to a lot of people meeting their greusome ends in a death maze then this might be for you. Hope is in short supply here, like a rare and exquisite delicacy, it's gone before the victims can really savour it. And as the kill count slowly went up, the allegorical story gradually unfolds and reveals bits of the world beyond the maze. 3. Event Horizon. Quite a lot of you mentioned this already. If you played Dead Space then you recognised how this film influenced the game. 4. The Thing. Another frequent contendor in this thread. And another inspiration for Dead Space. The monster in this movie, however, mighe just give the necromorphs and markers a run for their money. 5. Alien Covenant. I thought it was a nice homage of the very first Alien film. There are a few nitpicks and gripes on my part but my favorite scenes more than made up for them. I don't get to watch that many horror films - not even sure some would call this horror - this movie was the first in a long time but it reminded me that I should start playing more horror/thriller games. Goes without saying that the first Alien movie really nailed the desolate scenery, but I kinda see Covenant as the other side of the coin.
  6. A truly Sad day for the NFL
  7. i meant the chinese version
  8. So where & how do you get the non-plat version? Was it originally released by the devs with no platinum & then delisted? TIA
  9. After playing this game for about 15-20 hours it has easily become one of my top 3 favorite roguelikes, its crazy how many different crazy things you can pull off if you manage the right deck. But this platinum has so much RNG and Ascension 20 + 20 minute run both look like I would need hundreds of hours to be able to know how to play well enough. This is the perfect game to work on in between games and maybe I can get the plat as my 100th plat with is a long ways away.
  10. Speaking of E3 when does it start?
  11. menu%3Astore NA game store so yes its playable in the west.
  12. Is it in bad taste to look on others profiles and enquire about games not completed and ask why if it is conjunction with the event @Gretchen27?
  13. Persevere, there are two or three real hard ones but overall I had no real difficult ones, and I don't play driving games often
  14. Im a 35 yo male i work a full time job and a part time job 6 days a week, i have a fiance (been together 5 years now) and she has a 15yo daughter and an 18 yo son, like you im pretty busy and cant game until the wee hours of the night and my days start pretty early my trophy hunting has dwindled down severely these past months. Ive kept my 6+ year platinum streak alive but just barely. I find myself playing games more for fun now as i dont wanna piss away what little free time i have playing something thats only going to be deleted seconds after i sync the platinum so ive just been having fun with friends playing call of duty stompin noobs which is far more enjoyable than any trophy
  15. I have played a lot of Burnout, NFS, GRID... Driveclub definitely fits in the arcade category, but you need to approach it more like a Forza Motorsport game. Practice managing the throttle on cars like the Venom, braking points on different tracks. Usually, drifting means you are losing precious time. Still, you shouldn't be afraid to plow your way through the pack in the beginning of a race, it's easier than trying to overtake everyone cleanly.
  16. I had premium on my old account and i made a new account when the name change happened without realizing they would be merged and bought premium again, but now that things have merged i dont have premium at all.
  17. Pretty much what I was about to say. I have noticed the triggers on the PS4 do tend to wear down quite a bit, it doesn't effect that many games but those that use the full range of the trigger for acceleration etc. can suffer from an older controller that would normally seem to work 'fine' in other games. I was having an issue winning in The Grand Tour (which is VERY easy) because of this issue, I ended up taking out the spring which fixed it and afterward I was now massively in the lead every race. Driveclub is certainly an easy game, this is coming from a guy who sucks at driving games, so if you're struggling that much I'd take a look at your controller or maybe switch the acceleration to another button. EDIT: If you want to test the controller try accelerating and reversing at the same time, some games you'll end up reversing slowly if your acceleration is broken, you can also see where on a track you're losing time, if it's in the straight sections then that likely points to acceleration issues.
  18. Sony banned accounts for much less. This is an example, (yeah Sony in this particular case then recognized the mistake, but whatever)
  19. @DaisyVilla102 Your review is great! thank you so much for the heads up. Your description is very insightful. The game does seem very interesting but also seems to need to be a little more polished. Thank you very very much! 👏 👏 👏 @Cosmokeeper also had a good point. Probably the multiplayer trophies will HAVE to be boosted. I don't see this game having a multiplayer audience by itself.
  20. Hong Kong
  21. You're not right. I've got the collector trophy and all the coaches and agents appeared. It's true that if you go too fast to rank number one it may be difficult to get the coaches but if you go slowly they appear. As well for the challenges.
  22. Also curious as to how to get this. Anyone?
  23. If you have a Switch, there is a demo of this on there if you wish to sample the game first. It's basically like Scrabble, except you're given specific letters and all words you have to find must use the middle letter of the wheel. So, you could use a Scrabble word finder online to help with this, if you wanted to do that.
  24. :platinum: #121 - Burnout Paradise Remastered (+ 100% Completion)


    Played the game when it was released on PC the first time it was launched and I really enjoyed the game back then so decided to buy the Remastered when it was on sale. I still dislike the fact that they had to place 2 trophies that require that you play online with 8 people. It's fine when the games online are full of people but when it starts to become empty like this game it becomes a problem. Still enjoyed it as much as back then. Now if only they released a new Burnout with the good old crashing traffic and explosions.

  25. Well, thanks for the heads up. Unless I'm missing something, some timestamps there look flaggable to me.
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