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Unprofessional and sloppy.  I take no issue with any game made well, even so-called easy plats with completion that can be had in minutes, but this?  It has to be a joke.  Is it April 1st or something? 


Does this game get better with time, as in if you play for an hour, the appearance changes, as an indication of progression?  Maybe this video isn't final footage.  Maybe that's it.  Maybe Mr./Mrs. Sony's kid made this during their grade school coding class and incessant begging to put in on the store finally won out. 


If not, when comments about Sony's quality control will spring up, this time they'll be well deserved. 

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6 minutes ago, Nightstream88 said:

Game doesn't even have a platinum trophy, so it will be impossible to get the platinum. 
Sometimes I kind of wonder who at Sony approves of these games.
If it is less than $5 I might be tempted to get it,  but any higher than that would be a crime.

Yeah I didn't even bother to look at the trophy list after that video. I don't think I'd play this even if it were free. 

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