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40-platinum.png#42: Amnesia Collection

Difficulty: 4/10

Enjoymment: 8,5/10

Rarity: 4,25%

Man I love this platinum image. And there are other cool trophy image designs, especially in Amnesia a machine for pigs.

So this was my first time playing these games and I enjoyed them, although I had some problems with them. Like opening doors, especially in chase sequences,

could be quite annoying. I also hated it that when dialog played your character moved really slow and the screen gets darker. Loading screens could also be very long.

Possible spoilers ahead of here!


Amnesia The dark descent: This one had really great ambiance. But I wasn't really a fan of the enemy design. Losing oil when dying was also annoying but keeping important items

was a really great feature. Besides all these problems I had, I still enjoyed it.


Justine: The person who tought that permadeath here was a geat idea should be fired in my opinion. Nothing so annoying then collecting everything and then dying

because your character didn't want to jump or push a handle. If the permadeath mode was another difficulty level, like in Outlast, I would have been oke with it. Then I had the 

time to learn the dlc, because you can complete it really fast, and then start my permadeath run. I liked the idea with choosing to help the prisoners, although it was excuted a little poorly in my

opinion. There wasn't really a big change, except a trophy, at the end to really feel proud about saving everyone. 


A Machine for pigs: Thank god for a lamp that isn't working with oil :p. This was my favorite one of the three. There was more variety in level design. I really liked the charachter design of the monsters here. The ambiance is a lot less then in the dark descent though. I liked the pictures on the loading screen a lot because it was like a little map. The biggest flaw was that it got really unintressting in the end imo. I felt like the game should have ended sooner. Also there were a few missed oppurtunities for some scares but overall I enjoyed this one the most.


Amnesia isn't my favorite horror game serie but I would still recommend this collection for everyone that has never played these games!


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