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411: MechaNika




Difficulty: 1/10

Playtime: 1 hour, 20 minutes

Enjoyment: 7.5/10


Delightfully sociopathic adventure game, chock full of underage drinking, animal sacrifice, BRUTAL FUCKING MURDER, goats... you know, all that good stuff. Tempering this kind of dark, nihilistic writing with just the right amount of humour and relatability is an endeavour in which more developers have failed than not, and this passes with flying colours. With its minimalist, homespun art style, I'm reminded a lot of the works of Magnus Carlsson, actually.


As a game, it could hardly be more of a breeze, even when defaulting to a guide only slightly so as to watch out for missables. I almost cheered when I accidentally stumbled upon the running feature; not enough adventure games do that. It really cuts down on the (admittedly minimal) backtracking. The puzzles are pretty easy, but do require you to embody the inherently twisted logic of Nika's crapsack world.


Hardly everyone's bag, but an enjoyably charming little journey into the darker aspects of humanity. Certainly worth the time of a trophy hunter just seeking a quick fix, too. You could probably get it done within half an hour if you skip everything. Regardless of your motivation for playing, you'd be supporting a unique and quirky development team with some potential while you're at it! 😀


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