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Homefront the Revolution


Because of horror stories surrounding development and performance I've stayed well clear of this until seeing it at a discount and hearing about the latest patch (fixes frame rate). Took a while to warm up to single player but I did enjoy it when I did. Multiplayer was especially enjoyable, still pretty active.


Patch 1.08 makes most trophies work as intended, a few negative glitches meant I had to do certain actions a few times more but these were heavily outweighed by positive glitches that awarded trophies early.


Play time lower end of 15-20 hours. MP is quick as one mission allows you to mostly stealth it, blow up some containers and the bug out - you can easily complete in mission in 5 minutes on hard to farm experience and money.


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L0fc26a.png Iron Man 2


1L92d81e.png #6



Earn all Iron Man™ 2 trophies.


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#19 - Call Of Duty Blackops

My favourite COD game. Great multiplayer,great campaign and the zombie maps were great.

Veteran wasn't as bad as World at War,but it still had some challenging stages.


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