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Street Fighter IV: Platinum #88




It's about time I did this. This is my longest platinum time stamp currently for a game, with a time of 2 years, 11 months. I'm glad I finally ended up doing this game. For someone like me who is a noob at fighting games, I had a lot of difficulty with some of these trials, mainly C. Viper's 3rd and 5th hard trial, El Furte's 5th hard trial, Gen's 5th hard trial and Ken's 5th hard trial. At the start, I wasn't familiar with the fighting game terminology such as terms like "QCF" and "FADC" but now I'm fully aware of what someone is talking about when they write their strategy for games like this. I didn't hate this game, but I also didn't enjoy it much, a lot of it is very repetitive, especially doing all survival and time attack levels and beating arcade mode with all characters. For the non-trial related offline trophies, you can mainly just spam Zangief's lariat which combines all 3 punch buttons into one move that does a lot of damage to opponents and barely ever misses them. I did the hard trials before normal trials because I wanted to get the hard part over and done with and after doing all hard trials, the normal trials were a breeze. I mostly hated using charge characters in trials and combos that required me to use an ultra and catch Dan in the air with it, there aren't many things more annoying than getting to the very end of the combo to miss the ultra at the end of it. 


I did this game with a regular controller, I don't have a fight stick and I don't think a fight stick is necessary for getting the platinum on this game, heck you may even make the game take longer for yourself if you buy a fight stick solely for this game without ever using one before. When using the controller, I used the d-pad for special move inputs, the analog stick is way too inaccurate and unhelpful. The online for this game requires you to do a lot of things to get all the icons and titles associated with it, the longest part of the online is the fact that you need to win 501 matches as a requirement for titles and icons, even though the trophy list says you only need to play 500 matches. The online is pretty much impossible to do without boosting this year because it is severely dead and some of the requirements put you at a disadvantage against your opponent, such as "win 50 matches with 0-10% health remaining". 


I'll probably do Super Street Fighter IV and more fighting games in the future when I have cleaned up my trophy list backlog. This game and Gran Turismo 5 were the games that had me most concerned about my completion rate for a while, now I've done them both. I think Gran Turismo 5 is still a much more difficult platinum than SF4, but I'm also quite bad at racing games too. 


The Gold Standard Video


No Challenge Too Hard Video


Platinum Video

Congrats on the platinum and I agree the online requires you to do so much for the icons and titles. I'm sure you'll be able to do Super Street Fighter IV. 


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Assassin's Creed: Liberation HD




Platinum Trophy

Collect all other 30 Trophies for this Trophy


So, the Platinum description isn't the most inventive ever and the image itself is something from the Summer Olympics. We're off to a good start  :unsure: 

Now, I'm not an expert with the AC games (having played only five of 'em), but Liberation is probably the weakest one for me. Or maybe tied with the first one.

First of all, it doesn't feel like an Assassin's Creed title. There's no present um...present, the areas are small, and viewpoints are not high enough.

Secondly, it's a tad on the short side. It feels like a cross breed of a standalone DLC and a spin-off

Thirdly, and this is a big one: DEM GLITCHES! Graphical hiccups, force-quit-ones, unresponsive button prompts... Bugs Galore (no, not my kinky porn name)!  :blink: 

One of the weirdest anomalies happened in the Bayou, where my character decided to be a fish and started swimming...on dry land  :facepalm: 

Speaking of the Bayou...I really wanted to like that swamp atmosphere, but the odd camera switches and annoying climbs just made me hate it. Pthui!

Although I make it sound like an unplayable mess, all in all I did get some enjoyment out of it. As a rating, I'd give it a :bronze:  Trophy  :lol: 

For die-hard AC fans, and those who really, really want to complete in the series. I salute thee  :highfive: 



So, I'm not the only that the swim on dry land glitch happened to.


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