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Platinum number 21 Coffin Dodgers, terrible game easy platinum. 3 platinums in December good way to end year.



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30 minutes ago, Crimson Idol said:

#113: Mantis Burn Racing


MBR Master 
Unlock all MBR trophies


Enjoyment: 6 / 10

Difficulty: 2 / 10


For those who don't know MBR: It's a fun racer that tries to please the crowd who enjoys RC-racers like Motorstorm RC. At least what I thought at first as the cars looked like RC-cars but after playing through the game it more seems like they are normal sized-cars and the only connection to RC-racers like the already mentioned Motorstorm RC or the glorious Micro Machines and R.C. Pro-Am-series is the top-down view.

The game has a nice selection of different race types you can do while playing through the seven different seasons. The only problem is that only the selection of race types is diversitve. There were only eight tracks (IIRC) in two different locations (some sandy mountain and a rather bland city) and only nine different vehicles that belong to the three racing classes amateur, pro and veteran (and for each of these classes one vehicle was a light-weight one, one medium-weight and one heavy-weight one).  It's not the best variety but still a decent one to live with. The biggest problem of this game was definetely the music. After playing ~150 races I was fed up of those below-average electro music the game had. :| There were only three or four different music tracks? At least it felt like this and I was happy when I finally reached level 50.


Trophy-wise the game is really easy. Surprisingly you get most of the trophies after completing the first three seasons (the amateur ones) with only some spare trophies left for the rest of the game. The online trophies are rather easy to do as the 15 online wins can be boosted in sessions where you solely race against bots. But even when I raced against some other people (which barely happened) it was easy to pull off a win as the other players are surprisingly bad. Even players on level 45 (you have to play about 15 hours to reach that level!) was easy to surpass.  oO People, could you at least try to aim for the win? This way it's no fun at all. :\

The trophies for winning against a player with 15 or 25 levels above my own where also easy to earn, but solely for the fact that it seems like the trophy description is wrong as I earned the trophies when I won against some people on level 21, respective 32 while being level 25 on my own. And as math says 21 - 25 and 32 - 25 are less than 15 or 25. :D


Overall I would say it's a decent game. I'm glad that I got it for the sale price of 50% off as the normal price of 15 euros would have been too high. 


awesome my friend :)


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                   :platinum: # 22



           Chip Off the Old Block
             Earned all Trophies


This Game is excellent.The story line makes me engrossed into the game .... RIP Reuben piggy :(

But ends with an enchanting Platinum Trophy image( The Order of the Stone).


Leaderboards : Fastest achievers 10th Rank



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:platinum:#172 - The World of Nubla (PS4)


I hope there's a release on asian regions soon :D


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