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Best game released October?


Best game released October  

117 members have voted

  1. 1. What PS4 game are you most excited about?

    • Lords of the Fallen
    • Alien: Isolation
    • Samurai Warriors 4
    • Need for Speed Rivals Complete Edition
    • DriveClub
    • Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition
    • The Evil Within
    • Shadow Warrior
    • Peggle 2
    • NBA Live 15

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I've got The Enemy Within, Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition and Lords Of The Fallen coming out in October and the one I'm most looking forward to is Lords Of The Fallen. Dark Souls 2 was my most anticipated title of this year and having platinumed and absolutely loved it, I'm looking forward to playing another game like it.

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For me it´s Lords of the Fallen. My favourite games are RPG´s. So let´s not forget Middleearth; Mordors shadow this October (for me in Germany it will be released in October. For you guys maybe sooner). 

Maybe I will get a copy of The evil within. But I´m not so shure about it. 

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Surprised people voted for a remaster


Well people do regard RE 1 as one of the best game in the world. I was young (about 6 or 7 I think)  and got thru one part of the game and got bored of it. Now I can try it again and feel like these people did nearly 2 decades ago. 


There must be a game that you truly want to be remastered or given a reboot.

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The only game that I might have considered for buying would have been Driveclub (although not enough to convince me to buy it at retail price at release)
But since it will be a PS+ game I will definitely download and play it.
Lord of the Rings: Shadow of Mordor, Idk, I would like to play it, but I just can't seem to get really exited about it when I watch the gameplay...

But in all honesty, I'm looking forward to november!
The crew, Far Cry 4 and GTA V? YES PLEASE!     ​(although the price for that last one is IMHO too high for what you actually get)

And even games which I'm less fond of like Assassins Creed Unity, LittleBigPlanet3 and a new COD (although I'm really not a fan of that last one, but I know there are most likely others who are drooling all about for that one...)


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