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this is the worst game ever made and here is why


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It's amazing how this game surpass TLOU II and Ghost of Tsushima popularity in this site lol ?, even more important topics are being ignored for this.


The worst part is that if devs really make it easier to get infailible trophy all this post are going to get old and age bad very fast. 

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55 minutes ago, theninja223 said:

I am going for the platinum on this game but this is driving me crazy. Fall Guys is a pure luck-based game, no skill, no knowledge, no strategy involved. The only thing you need to do is move your character somewhere and pray that nothing will stop you, and you can't do anything to avoid that.

Every day I try to do the Infallible trophy(And my mental health is definitely not ok), as well levelling up to get on level 40, today this happened to me when going for the second consecutive win:


I already knew it that fall guys is a poorly coded game, with horrible physics and collisions. The character can trip on anything, always falling with no reason at all; But today, after this, I'm considering giving up from the platinum. Please, does anyone agree with me that this game is awful? Liking it or not, it is. Anyway, that's all I have for you guys, thanks for reading.

Max level in 2 weeks on a game that you hate. 

Someones after a bit of attention i recon.

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