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    Just wanted to try out this PS4 theme I got a few months ago thanks to International Women's Day. Hope I don't offend anyone by posting this. :) 

  3. Tournament is now online
  4. I guess you ignored my comment and other people comments entirely, since more than one person answered this. As for people saying its nearly impossible or very hard to boost this, the majority of the trophies i got by matchmaking with my friends and we still do this for bloodpoints boost and new DLC trophies. Seriously, its totally boostable.
  5. Two Worlds II
  6. Yeah true. It took me 2 days to get Adept Nurse at ranks 12-15 because people kept dcing... I also got a 4k with her but didn't double pip so :/ Finally got the plat though so hey lol. Adept Hag wasn't too bad though imo
  7. I didn't know that, nice one.
  8. Beacon for Retaliation- Overcome adversity and succeed in reinstating the 1st Unit
  9. Apparently all the other versions of the game are fine regarding save compatibility, the only exception is the Latin American version that they "dont guarantee". The problem is that you will have to replay the entire game even if you already did just to be able to access the DLC content. If you know this problem before hand you could buy the physical normal version and the digital DLC, maybe it could work? I dont know. But now that I already expend money with the complete edition I wont buy the DLC alone, I prefer to just speedrun the game and play the DLC after. I searched online before buying and everyone was saying that the saves are compatible, I bought it and they werent because it is a specific problem with Latin America so I made this topic to inform people that might be in a similar situation now or in the future.
  10. Thank you 👍
  11. Speaks Spanish just like me.
  12. Plat#129: AC Odyssey!

  13. Not all heroes wear capes my friend
  14. This may help you out my friend.
  15. Press the +-Sign next to "Quote" on all posts you want to quote. A button pops up on the right side of the screen, stating "Quote x Posts", press that instead of the regular quote.
  16. No games preordered yet this year which is really a downer. Wish there was something that really piqued my interest.
  17. I have 4 Controller.
  18. Sorry don't know what you mean with that. English is not my native language. But as an example I can earn on every "Words... by POWGI" game more than one platinum, also for "I and me" and so on. I'm searching for a list with all that games.
  19. Then Play the Standard Game and not the Complete Edition. Where is the Problem?
  20. Are you referring to stacking?
  21. I may as well start the obligatory thread (surprised to see someone hadn't already) So I've done everything except leveling up and prestiging in Sairento, it's difficult to tell how long it well take, campaign completion is very easy and the shinobi difficulty levels are not too bad with some decent skill and weapon upgrades. 90% of the list is a 2/10 difficult wise, but reach level 50 and reach prestige 2 (?) seem like they could bump this to a 3/10, now idea how long it takes to reach prestige (is prestige different from level 50? I'm playing the game with loads of exp relics slotted and I also play on Shinobi difficulty exclusively, and the leveling still seems to be going at a snails pace imho. What does everyone else think? P.S. game is awesome so far, I think it hangs with superhot, resi 7, and astrobot for having some of the best "oh shit" moments VR
  22. Is there somewhere in this forum a list on which games I can earn double, tripple etc. trophies (platinum / 100%)? Can't find any, but maybe I'm blind? 😎
  23. Do keep in mind that No Limits & Finish Line are DLC for Driveclub, but are seen as DLC for Bikes. Apparently Driveclub had so many trophies already from all the DLC that they had to do this. That means if you want to play those (not part of season pass)... you guessed it 🙂 Driveclub is an awesome game, enjoy!
  24. Hey guys, I'm kinda noob here, well, I got a question for ya. About stackable trophies, there are two trophies that can be attained together, one can be obtained just by finishing the stage, the other requires finishing the same stage on a higher difficulty, so if I complete the difficulty one first, I will obtain both trophies, with that in mind, the tag should be on which trophy ? the first, the last or both ? EDIT: I forgot another question...LOL Regarding the difficulty specific trophies, some games doesn't stack them so you need to clear the game in each difficulty to achieve all trophies. So, in this case, the TAG Missable can be applied here ? IMO I say no, because the TAG Difficulty Specific combined with Stackable provide the properly guidance needed.
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