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  2. i was just refering to the fact that you said need for speed burnout. You mixed 2 series into 1 title. That hurt. There is literally no need for speed or burnout game with such a massive grind like crossroads. Cant say anything to difficulty tho, because i haven't played crossroads yet. Burnout is better than any Need for Speed of the last decade. The only need for speeds, which are superior are underground 1, 2 Most Wanted (2005) and Carbon. Oh and they are most certainly better than this game here.
  3. 1.3 milion players in the first 2 days would say otherwise
  4. I have always use Genjuro and Ukyo, but I don't like how Genjuro look now anymore?? So my main mostly is now Ukyo.
  5. probably wont happen, because these delistings come out of nowhere most of the time. Main reason is the publisher has lost the trademark rights.
  6. It was really nice they did this, I was manage to grab the season pass way before I even bought the game. They are now even given Gongsun Li free too. Very generous devs.
  7. ? I never played it. Are you saying that game is worse or better than Burnout? Or are you saying F&F Crossroads has easier trophies than Most Wanted?
  8. Been looking at certain DLC's to buy and I found out that it was delisted long ago. Anyone else feel like they should give you a warning right when you sign on to the PSN? Ie: This is your last chance to buy (whatever game or dlc) before it's delisted and gone forever on ##/##/####
  9. i cant wait if its true
  10. i really really hope that you refer to need for speed most wanted 2012. Otherwise it really hurts to read this...
  11. Exactly but according with some japanese friends, "gaijin" is a offensive word to referent to froeigners, for that reason I see "jap and gaijin" similar. And yes, japanese have a big problem with people who have a mother or father for another country, the famous "half", it's a internal racism among japanese.
  12. so when i tell you i suck lol i really suck. seen your video before I got to my playstation so I was like great this is going to be awesome. for some reason i keep only getting a six variation from gadgets sometimes a 7 but on normal combat i must have got an 8 like once or twice only. gave up after an hour but realise i havent been using the re-direct i just been trying to go into the next move so that will be tonights mission lol. what really kills m is that damn shield guys, every now and again one pops up in front of me when im doing a normal strike or triple cape stun and resets my combo on the one run i managed to get 8 variation but my gadet variation was 6, closest i have come so far. but yes thank you, this video is great gives me alot of hope and its an amazing find
  13. Awwwwe yeah! Hope they bring back Cham Cham in Season 3.


  14. I am more offended that you call this "trophy hunting" over the fact that you said Jap.
  15. Well this guy is paid by Ratalaika. Makes me want to play the Rataliaka games even less.
  16. For metadata cards and series. Samurai Warriors series: 戦国無双2 with 猛将伝 & Empires HD Version (Samurai Warriors 2 with Xtreme Legends & Empires HD Version (Two games bundle.)) Stage 1: 戦国無双2 with 猛将伝 HD Version (Samurai Warriors 2 with Xtreme Legends HD Version)戦国無双2-with-猛将伝-hd-version Stage 2: 戦国無双2 Empires HD Version (Samurai Warriors 2 Empires HD Version)戦国無双2-empires-hd-version Stage 3: 戦国無双3 Z (Samurai Warriors 3 Z)戦国無双3-z Stage 4: 戦国無双3 Empires (Samurai Warriors 3 Empires)戦国無双3-empires Stage 5: 戦国無双4 (Samurai Warriors 4)戦国無双4-dx (All DLC content included version, complete edition.) Stage 6: 戦国無双4-II (Samurai Warriors 4-II) Stage 7: 戦国無双4 Empires (Samurai Warriors 4 Empires) Spin-offs: Stage 0: 戦国無双 Chronicle 3 (Samurai Warriors Chronicle 3)戦国無双-chronicle-3 Stage 0: 戦国無双 〜真田丸〜 (Samurai Warriors ~Sanada Maru~)
  17. For me Yakuza Kiwami was easy except mahjong which stopped me from plat (anyway i know i have to do it someday...) and it is the only reason i didnt start zero and kiwami 2.
  18. [Overwatch] a question regarding boosting this game : Is the boosting guide still viable? Or is there a new better method to match up with people?

  19. FUS RO MEOW!
  20. Team games come down to ping and latency fall ball your near useless if you have a mild poor connection
  21. After you beat the game on regular difficulty you are free to just go to any boss and do it on expert. You don't have to worry about buying everything again.
  22. Oh and when you ask where are you from to a Korean person who doesnt speak English. They're going to say ”Nah nun hangook sahlam ehyo" (I am Korean) For the love of God.. DO NOT shorten it to gook.. That model minority is a myth. New generation of Asians won't put up with it and will throw hands. I'm just saying this cause some gamers like to go to Korea for LoL, Tekken, etc.. Not now obviously cause of COVID.
  23. Looks pretty easy
  24. I don't even play the team games anymore just browse on my phone and accept my fate
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