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  2. Judgment for sure though I’ve only played a handful of new releases kH3 was fun but idk it felt a step back from the previous games
  3. You're welcome
  4. Marvel’s Spider-Man
  5. Thanks, reading here and there I had the same feeling and decided to skip it. First game without 100% trophies but whatever, don't want to waste days on it.
  6. Sorry, most of these have bids on them now (apart from Fifa 16 which I didn’t bother relisting). If I put more games up in the future you’re interested in then I’d be ok with game codes
  7. Thank you!!!! Finally got it
  8. Bloodstained was everything I wanted it to be
  9. for being serious
  10. after getting banned
  11. Candy Honeydew
  12. having a blast
  13. and they were
  14. playing forum games
  15. Barry Grancorazón
  16. China and Korea have similar restrictions but are even more strict, because you effectively have to be a resident of that country if you want to access their PS Store.
  17. Tale of Sword and Soul Unlock All the Trophies #82
  18. MKX, would be a nice plat to have
  19. Can someone scratch my back?
  20. Would you accept PSN game codes to trade? Thanks
  21. A real trophy hunter.
  22. Yeah yeah, everything will be great with MP. But at some beautiful sunday morning all ghostbusters over here will give a shiny notice "the servers will be shutdown because..well we dont give a f** about you, trophy hunters, we just need to save some $" . And then there will be a madness like now with TLOU MP on PS3. Im too old for this.
  23. Havok
  24. @FinalFan
  25. like certain idiots
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