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Beyond Good and Evil 20th Anniversary Edition (PS5|PS4)


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2 hours ago, KenjiCBZ said:

I just want the sequel. :(

Sequel they prezented may as well be any other random open world game.


First game don't seem to have much in common with this one.


Don't know why they want to connect it with the first one.

They may as well make Assassin's Creed in fantasy/future setting, name it BG&E2 and call it a day.

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31 minutes ago, Potter13579 said:

I'm not really a fan of Beyond Good and Evil after playing it the first time on PS3, but if I had to force myself to play this again, I would at least be grateful to hopefully platinum it this time assuming they don't screw that up again.


What possible circumstances could someone find themselves in, where they would "have to force themselves to play" a game? 🤔

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1 hour ago, GrimeyBeats404 said:

Anything short of a remake is a hard pass for me. 

lol, why? Those who like the game think it's good, so what is the point of a remake? It wouldn't be anything like the original.


People are so obsessed with remakes for games that are more than 15 minutes old, it is very unusual. 

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