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  1. 1. How high do you think "My Name is Mayo"'s platinum will be?

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How much will the Mayo percentage stabilize at? Vote at the poll!

At the time of making this thread, the current stats for this game are as follows:



PS: If you go through the leaderboard page and make a manual count of the current 'actual' percentage, that's cheating and you should be ashamed! What is the point of being a nerd?

PSS: This is going to get locked when the stats are updated and stabilized because it won't be a guess anymore. Pointing out the obvious isn't fun, duh.

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I think it'll be somewhere between 90% and 94,99%. The trophy list looks extremely easy but it still seems to take about 40 minutes to complete. Even piss easy <10 minute games like Sonic the Fighters have trophies woth a rarity of approximately 90%. Some people just don't care about the trophies and stop playing before they completed it, even if it's just a 40 minute game.

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Sorry guys. I got 1 trophy and stopped for now because I don't want my fastest plat to change :P . Also I know what I want my 51st plat to be (its a 40-50 hour game i've barely started) and am doing the kill your completion event too so it might be a while before I get back to it. Ruining your dreams of a 100% plat for now though.

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Is that the easiest plat to date?

After getting both plats, I'd say it's tied with skipping VN's and walking simulators at a 0/10 difficulty. The PS4 version also takes much less time than the Vita version since you have two buttons that count towards tapping. Both the :cross: button and the (normally useless) touchpad button will count toward it. The only thing slightly complicated about the game is that you need to change costumes and the game doesn't tell you how to do so.

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