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Which trophy of yours has the least achievers


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Finder's Fee 18S45400f.png from S93475a.png dlc of Se40f8f.png (PS3)


186 / 565 owners with a rarity of 32.92%


Yeah... not a lot of people have the dlc :P. The trophy itself is pretty simple.




The least amount of achievers for an ultra rare would be


Dragon Age™: Inquisition Platinum Trophy 1S20f8e5.png from Sf3010c.png (PS3)


222 / 5351 owners with a rarity of 4.15%

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Collect all of the Story Scrolls



Royal Family Jewels

Collect all of the Royal Treasures


from Medieval Moves, both have 40 achievers and are 0.53%

I actually kinda liked that game, not sure why it did so poorly unless there really aren't that many move owners out there

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There truly are a few unique and uncommon trophies appearing in this thread! Some of them are hard whilst some are simply for lesser known titles.


My 'least achieved' trophies would be



Minutes - Perfect Steps - 12 Achievers | 437 Owners




Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters - Redrum - 22 Achievers | 99 Owners




Pure Pool - The Ultimate Accolade - 48 Achievers | 8,959 Owners

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