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Which trophy of yours has the least achievers


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So how do you figure this out? I have a lot of trophies to be looking through to figure out.

Go to your trophy log, set the order to 'Achievers' and then either go to the last page or set the direction to 'Ascending'.


Mine is kinda boring and just because it's a game that sold so poorly :(

S1ee4ae.png 20Sfcdf54.png Record Signing

You broke your club's record transfer fee spent on a player   #1,898 10th Jul 2014

5:34:25 PM 496

Achievers 1,905

Owners 26.04%

Uncommon 40-bronze.png

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ARKEDO SERIES - SWAP - Unchallenged


13 achievers


Arcana Heart 3: Love MAX!!!!!! (PS3, US ver) - platinum


14 achievers


Heck, any of the more tedious trophies in AH3LM has sub 50 achievers.

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