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How much spent on gaming in 2019


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So, I’ve done this for the last 2 years and it’s interesting to keep tabs on what you purchase over a year and can then use to compare from previous years or simply know whether you are spending too much or an acceptable amount on gaming. I mainly do it to just keep track of games I’ve purchased each month.


Last year I spent £370.89 between Jan 1st 2018 and Dec 31st 2018. I didn’t purchase one full game, the most I spent on an individual game was £19.99 on RDR2. The reason it was this cheap was due to combining it with some earned nectar points.


My most prolific month was September where I purchased 8 games, this could be due to the fact September is the month of my Birthday and decided to splash out money received for that on games.


Each to their own in terms of format but I would recommend breaking it down into months and listing each purchase by date including game title, the console it’s for, the cost.


Things to include:






Season Passes

Gift codes



Not to include:



Purchases with store cards (accrued points such as Tesco or Nectar) u less you need to add your own funds to it.


You can include games or items you sell and receive money back for them, selling via 3rd party sites such as eBay to offset some outgoings.


Example format:


January 2019


01/01/2019 - Spider-Man (PS4) - £29.99

07/01/2019 - Life is Strange (PS4) - £7.99

07//01/2019 - Spider-Man (PS4) SOLD - £15


Total - £22.98


Happy Tracking everyone for this upcoming year! it’s also a nice way to see what people are buying and also potentially alerting you to any deals on games that you may have missed 



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Not adding up, but Probably spent around £100 on PSN sales. Biggest spend was £229.99 on PSVR with Astro Bot, VR Worlds, and Resi7 as well as Move controllers. Bought PS + for £39.99, which counts I guess. 

This year I'll not get PS+ UNLESS PSVR games are added, I'll not give Sony money via PS+ unless the games are ridiculously cheap and I can't find them second hand, and I'll be buying second hand and trading in all the games I can. 

I simply refuse to reward Sony given their censorship policy for anything other than VR, which I feel needs to be supported in the market. 


Edit: so I presumed this was for 2018 lol. 

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I think I spent quite a bit in 2018 on psn store sales, approximately 20,650Yen (which is about £190 or so).

As for physical copies, just two games this year: Code Realize Bouquet of roses which was 1500Y (£13) and Hakuouki which was about 2000Y (£17). The DL Games I bought were Pio fiore with a 10% discount code which was the only full price game I bought this year costing about 5800 yen (£50). The rest were bought in 50% off sales: Ephemeral fantasy on dark, Steam Prison, Life is strange before the storm. I was gifted Amnesia World for my birthday so I can't count that. 


Since 2019 has just begun, I haven't actually bought anything yet but Kingdom Hearts 3 will certainly be bought, along with CTR. 

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I spent $8,328.87 to buy 6x consoles/handhelds, 276x video games, 6x guide books, 38x gaming stuffs (replacement cases/accessories/memory cards/controllers/devices) last year.

  • Amazon = $1,933.04
  • Best Buy = $465.46
  • cdJapan = $513.85
  • eBay = $4,081.04
  • GameStop = $347.47
  • Ideal Factory International Inc. = $79.99
  • Limited Run Games = $181.95
  • Nintendo eShop = $75.78

  • Play-Asia = $298.06
  • PlayStation Store = $263.81
  • Steam = $12.73
  • Walmart = $75.69


I already spent $222.88 on Play-Asia to pre-order Girls und Panzer Dream Tank Match DX - Collector's Edition (Japanese) and Girls und Panzer Dream Tank Match DX - Standard Edition (Asia - English) and $107.97 for 2x Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition - Brave Vesperia Acrylics on Bandai Namco NA Store this year. They already took my money since I used PayPal to pay. I pre-ordered 5x games on Amazon which will be released in Jan and Feb, it costs $272.27 in total. I also asked my friend who currently stays in Japan to buy 5x Kiseki games, Cold Steel 1 guide book, Cold Steel 2 guide book, CS1-4 Artbooks (a book for each game), and a CS4 Magazine. I expect to send him $450-500 next week to cover the cost of these things as well as shipping cost. I guess it should be my last time to waste money in gaming (except pre-orders) before I get married in March 2019.

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Thought it was a thread for 2018. Anyway, who cares.





Steam - R$800,37 (from Steam wallet)



SENRAN KAGURA: Peach Beach Splash - R$64,17
Sniper Elite 4 Deluxe Edition - R$45,89
Display Fusion - R$32,99
2x Valkyria Chronicles (gift) - R$25,14
If My Heart Had Wings - R$6,99
Gazing from Beyond + DLC - R$4,93
Fox Hime - R$1,79
Tricolour Lovestory + Chapter Zero - R$3,95
Corpse Party: Book of Shadows - R$26,09
Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3 + Deluxe Pack - R$17,67
planetarian ~the reverie of a little planet~ - R$5,99
Root Double -Before Crime * After Days- Xtend Edition - R$22,39
Fox Hime Zero - R$2,69
Controller Companion - R$4,21
MegaTagmension Blanc + Neptune VS Zombies + Deluxe Pack - R$15,64
Superdimension Neptune VS SEGA Hard Girls + Deluxe Pack - R$18,88
Megadimension Neptunia VII + Deluxe Pack - R$18,43
Cyberdimension Neptunia 4: 4 Goddesses Online + Deluxe Pack - R$28,93
Harmonia - R$5,99
NEKOPARA Vol. 2 + 3 + Extra - R$34,78
CLANNAD + Side Stories - R$42,93
Valkyria Chronicles 4 - R$125,99
Lingering Fragrance - R$6,08
SENRAN KAGURA Bon Appetit! - Full Course - R$16,79
428: Shibuya Scramble - R$56,39
Tomoyo After ~It's a Wonderful Life~ English Edition - R$11,09
Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 Deluxe Pack - R$5,39
The Devil on G-String Voiceless Edition - R$18,49
Trillion + Deluxe Pack - R$8,80
Valkyria Chronicles 4 - The Two Valkyria + Squad E, to the Beach + A Captainless Squad - R$39,97
Hyperdevotion Noire - R$7,59
Neptunia U - R$8,54



PlayStation Store - R$151,20



Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch - R$10,24
Tales of Xillia - R$15,99
Mary Skelter: Nightmares - R$43,05
Bloodborne: The Old Hunters - R$24,60
Persona 4 Golden - R$28,60
Zero Escape: The Nonary Games Clover (999) Avatar - R$1,50
Skullgirls Encore - R$9,27
Hyperdimension Neptunia Producing Perfection - R$17,95



Physical copies - R$1610,98



Bleach: Soul Resurreccion - R$70,90

Silent Hill Downpour - R$52,90

GIRLS und PANZER: Dream Tank Match - R$329

Horizon Chase Turbo - R$43,99

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life - R$158,39

Valkyria Chronicles Development Artworks - R$153,60

YAKUZA 3 - R$76,90

Danganronpa 1 & 2 (PSP) - R$150

Valkyria Chronicles 4 Memoirs from Battle - R$469,99


Hatsune Miku Project Diva F 2nd - R$23,71

Gravity Rush 2 - R$36,60






PlayStation Vita TV (White)


Tokimeki Memorial 3

Jet Li: Rise to Honor


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I had £50 store credit with GAME due to trade ins, exchanged for PSN credit and got Tales of Vesperia (£35) digitally preordered, the remaining £15 will go towards Resident Evil 2. I don't think I'll plat and trade in any of my current physical before that launches so I'll likely dip into my own pocket.

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I spent exactly €500 last year on PSN which was much less than I expected. I did make a real effort to play games out of my backlog though, I think this is the first year my backlog ended the year lower than when it started.


It's very uncommon for me to buy a game that is not at least 50% discounted, the last game I purchased at full price was The Witcher III back in May 2015. I only buy digital games.


Most expensive game from 2018 was AC: Odyssey Gold Edition for €65. 


For 2019 so far nothing - I will be back ;-)

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I could get in on this, I just need to actually remember to update it... I don't tend to buy things all that often (even though I grabbed 3 things right off the bat in the January sale) so I wonder how this will play out. 



Marvel’s Spider-Man: The City that Never Sleeps - £9.99


The Sims 4 - £8.99


Mirror's Edge Catalyst - £5.79


Hidden Dragon Legend - £2.49  


The Grand Tour Game - £11.99



Nex Machina - £3.99



Bleed Complete Bundle - £1.29


Titanfall 2 - £3.99



Mother Russia Bleeds - £2.49


Worms Battlegrounds Alien Invasion DLC - £3.99





Trine: Enchanted Edition - £1.69


Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power - £3.29


Devil May Cry HD Trilogy - £18.08


Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled - £34.99



20XX - £6.49





DOOM - £2.99


DOOM II - £2.99


Primal - £5.99





Rad Rodgers - £3.29


Slain: Back from Hell - £3.99


Ruiner - £7.39


Flower - £2.49



MediEvil - £24.99



Ninjin: Clash of Carrots - £0.79


Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour - £3.99


GRIS - £13.99


Surgeon Simulator A&E + I Am Bread (Bundle) - £6.49


RAD - £9.49



GRAND TOTAL - £218.15


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I've ordered 4 games from Limited Run Games so far but I'm going to try and limit what I buy now.


In 2018 I purchased around 100 games and trophy wise only completed 10.


It's getting a bit silly buying games that I just don't have the time to experience. According to my calculations it will take me to at least 2033 to complete every game I own.

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