(SPOILERS) Can we talk about how much this sucked now?

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On 4/6/2021 at 7:48 PM, ddrakner said:

In my opinion, one of the best final fantasy recently made for mechanics, gameplay and graphic!


All these good things ruined by a story filled with waaaaaaay too much nonsense and wandering around, just to make multiple games over a single one. Thinking that this part 1 (waited for years) is just 20% of the original story makes me sad.

I'm still waiting for crisis core outside psp, but if they can ruin a classic game like VII with fillers I'm a bit worried.


In addition, after all these years, they couldn't make dialogues for my language and the translation with the subs is awful. Most of the time, they say a thing in english and the subs say something completely different.

In regards to the subtitles. I see this happening a lot and not just this game. I cannot figure if its actually writers who know how to write it properly as opposed to voice actors using slang or not talking properly (if you get me), or if the writers are told what to put in and then the voice work happens later and conflicts with the words on screen.


But in regards to this game and its future. I honestly think after the Yuffie expansion we will see no more from this. They cannot afford to not finish on the PS5 era, and not doing so will causes fans old and new to abandon it due to how its released. It took 20 odd years to get the project off the ground and now I'm seeing that they should have just left it alone, or like others suggested, just up the graphics from the original and get it out in one whole turn based game again. Not chopped up and have a 40 hours Midgar city game. 


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I thought, and still think, the following.



  • voice acting (some)
  • graphics
  • atmosphere
  • music (some)
  • gameplay and combat (mostly)


  • Horrible pacing. The entire game in Midgar with essentially the exact same plot points as the original (4 hours) but padded and filled to make it 40 hours was just a terrible choice. I feel like I’ve accomplished the same in 40 hours as I did in the original in 4 hours. That’s 36 hours of crap I found forgettable and boring.
  • Leslie. What a nonsensical addition and chapter.
  • Garbage writing (not just the ending. The entire thing is a melodramatic anime mess)
  • Jessie
  • Sector 7 plate drop was a complete cop out and a stunning miss.
  • Filler content
  • Sidequests uninspired and boring
  • Jessie
  • Hard Mode not allowing items just feels lazy. Still not hard but now just tedious.
  • Anime-ish nonsense. Melodramatic acting and body language. Cloud can jump 90 feet during a cutscene with all the acrobatics of a Super Saiyan but needs Aeris (yeah, not AeriTH) to drop a ladder for him because of a 9 foot wall. Please.
  • Jessie.

My biggest gaming disappointment of my lifetime. Ran back and finished the original again. Still my favorite video game of all time by a very large margin.


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loved every second of this game, every inch of midgar was memorable to me, i still remember the dialogue and laughing at bits; enjoying the levity i remember even now as i type. to each their own i suppose but i loved it.


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I liked this game a lot and some of the changes were nice and refreshing. The one thing I didn't like was that Sephiroth popped up the whole time. In the original you didn't see him in the beginning at all (iirc), there were only a couple of mentions of him. Then suddenly you find President Shinra dead in his office with a long sword in his back. I much prefer that over this, where you can kinda see it coming.


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