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Trophy Thoughts

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16 minutes ago, KAIZER_SHARKY said:

I would have loved it if they got trophys for collecting every Goldbolt for example and not just 1 or 5.


The list seems too easy in my opinion.. :/

Maybe you have to collect all to get all weapons. :)


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I think the trophy list looks good. Too easy in my opinion, I wish there were harder trophies and a new game plus/hard difficulty trophy but thats alright. I'm super hyped for this game and am gonna take my time with it anyways and most likely play through it a few times. Gonna make this one my 300th plat

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15 minutes ago, KAIZER_SHARKY said:

But in at least a few you had to do a little grind such as collect all skill points or in the Q-Force Game

Every other game had at least one single trophy that wasn't fall asleep easy. Hard mode/challenge mode in Crack in Time, Deadlocked had easy skillpoints but still 165 of them, I recall grinding for money in R&C1. None of them have below a 20% Plat Rarity(different systems/regions nonwithstanding) though outside All 4 One and Full Frontal Assault as those were online based.


Spider-Man, their other game, has the highest plat achievement of any big Sony game I think, least it was at release. Insomniacs trophy lists have always been very easily achievable.

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When i saw people on twitter so happy about the platinum being obtainable with just one playthrough, i on the other hand was kind of sad about it. With insomniacs top tier reputation for creating the highest quality masterpieces it would just give me another reason to play through the game 1 or 2 more times.

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46 minutes ago, ShadowSigmaX said:

Why are people complaining about the trophies not needing multiple play throughs? There is nothing stopping you from doing another one even after getting the platinum trophy. So many people now days are like "Welp I got the platinum now I can never play this game again." I would love to see some of you guys back before trophies/achievements were a thing. With that being said, R&C is my favorite PlayStation franchise and once I get a PS5 I'll look to add another R&C platinum to my list.

You must have not read what i said. Key words "another reason" meaning more than one.


Edit: there is alot of assumptions in your post. not everybody that complains about it being one playthrough is never going to touch it again.

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23 minutes ago, Winterglemm said:

they were not creative with the trophy icons

I dont think that these are the final ones.

The List shouldnt even be out yet, I think the Images are not synced here by now

And I mean its Insomniac so they would never put these Icons for trophys

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6 minutes ago, sepheroithisgod said:

Are those really the trophy images? I expected better.

No, they're placeholders.


I'd be concerned if they just stole PSNProfiles logo, lol


(Never seen a game be uploaded without it's images before)

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