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Playstation Network outage. Online appears to be returning now.


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Just came here to open this very thread. PS4, I can log in, but get the message "PlayStation Network is busy."

A friend of mine told me she had that problem, that's when I tried to log in.

This page shows almost 700 reports in the last half hour:



Sony doesn't seem to be aware yet, status report says everything is fine ...


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They are aware.  Been trying to get support for a separate issue and my chat ended as soon as it began with this message.


"Rosa M.:Hello XXXXX! At the moment we are experiencing some issues with our tools, and we cannot check the account details to assist you, rest assured our engineers and specialists are currently working on this matter to have it solved as soon as possible to assist you properly as you deserve! Please feel free to contact us back, we’ll be more than glad to assist you and the next agent will be aware of your situation."

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I only noticed it starting to happen a few minutes ago, since I was trying to update my profile here a few times and no trophies were being updated, and on PS5 I can't check my trophies (to slow, didn't want extremely long anyway..).


But I'm playing an offline game and before that I was playing Gems of War without any problem.

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