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GTA The Trilogy: The Definitive Edition (November 11, 2021)

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This is thowing around the words "remakes" and "remasters" interchangeably like it's the same thing. Which is it?


Will the ps2 GTAs be delisted when this releases? I hope not. But what I do hope is that they indeed release a remaster for Red Dead Redemption and GTA IV for ps4 and ps5.

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With the way open world games have evolved, even within it's own series... these games will feel very dated even with some spruced up graphics.  Unless it's a legitimate remake of them I'm not terribly interested.  I could see myself playing through San Andreas again for old times sake but probably not the others.  Would much prefer even a simple port/remaster of GTA IV, since it's one of my favorites, it could use the performance boost, and would be one less excuse to keep my PS3 around.

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41 minutes ago, PalaceTheron said:

I would as well but probably won't happen because there's bad blood between Niko's voice actor and R*.

Also would remove songs from the soundtrack like they did every other GTA rerelease

The same with CJ's VA and Ray Liotta, I wonder how would that work, are they using old audio files? It would be a visuals-only remake...? hmm

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