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OVIVO, a nice and relaxing platformer. It was quite enjoyable.




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On 1/5/2020 at 6:48 AM, AK-1138 said:

Platinum #452: 




Difficulty: 2/10

Playtime: 5-6 hours

Enjoyment: 6/10


So while browsing the old JP store on a whim late December last year, what to my wondering eye should appear but a heretofore ubeknownst regional version of Broken Sword 5? Not being a man to turn down an agreeable stacking opportunity, and at a 75% discount at that, a decision was duly made in its favour, and into the bAKlog it went.


Now, since I'd last had me a bit of the third best Broken Sword game not even two years ago, I decided to try my hand at a relatively casual attempt at speedrunning... hardly an ideal way to play an adventure game, I know. I would have handily made it to #3 on the current leaderboards if not for the odd mishap or two or three or four.


Firstly, I pissed away some fifteen minutes on startup due to rushing and missing an event flag. Then things chugged along at a nice pace until a certain inevitable goat had me replay another fifteen minutes because of course it did. It wouldn't be a Broken Sword game if it weren't for some hellish goat messing up your shit. Oh man, does this mean The VVitch exists within the Broken Sword verse?




Then the language barrier came into play with a certain coded letter. Frantically searching around for some help, I found it in the most innocent and unlikely of places... PlayStationTrophies! Yes indeed, that increasingly stagnant and OBSOLETE website I hardly ever visit anymore bailed my ass out and for that I'm grateful. After that, it was a straight shot to the finish line, bar the odd messed up puzzle or two. I really think I could have made it to #3 if I could have avoided these setbacks. Oh well. It was an honest try.


Love the Broken Sword franchise, and Serpent's Curse really does a great job of bringing the series back to its wry yet painterly globetrotting roots after the patchy Angel of Death and the experimental Sleeping Dragon. I had a really special time playing SD back in the day though, so despite its flaws that I do fully recognize, I still rank it second to Shadow of the Templars. It wouldn't be a bad idea to get the rest of the series back onto PlayStation, just sayin'... A powerful swansong for dearly departed series composer Barrington Pheloung though it is, the game's most enduring impact on my life is "Jasmine", that goddamn catchy ass bootleg dollar store T.Rex song that keeps worming its way into various playlists of mine. Speaking of which, guess it's time for me to get back on the road, cruisin' down the highway... stop the car, I wanna get in.



I only remember playing the original back in the day and would love to one day go back to this! i miss and have always adored adventure games and therefore the classic from Lucas Arts, Sierra, games like Monkey island series, grim fandango,full throttle i adore



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On 1/21/2020 at 6:45 AM, Piggie_Pie said:

It is my understanding, from what I read, the Arland series was one of the most loved before the "dusk" and "mysterious" series so they decided to bring it back by popular demand.  I personally happen to love Rorona, Totori, and Meruru games more than the later.  I tried out the Dusk series but it just didn't have the same charm.  the Mysterious series had some promise but I never finished them.  I plan to get Lulua just to complete my Arland series but I'm not sure I will get the newest of the series unless they are closer to the Arland recipe.


Arland is actually my favorite, I just didn't think it needed another sequel. There are no rules stating that there cannot be more than three games in one arc (of course). However, it seems odd that there would be a sequel long after its supposed completion. Anyway, I think it's worth giving Dusk and Mysterious another shot; they're not perfect, but I've never played an Atelier game I didn't enjoy to some extent. Even Shallie was fun despite being a very poor conclusion to the Dusk series.


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