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PlayStation Plus' December 2014 Complete line-up for Instant Game Collection.



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  1. 1. Which titles will you be interested in trying out?

    • Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition
    • Secret Ponchos
    • Hitman HD Trilogy(Hitman: Contracts, Hitman 2: Silent Assassin , Hitman: Blood Money)
    • Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut
    • Final Horizon
    • Titan Attacks!

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For me it's a great lineup :) , because those are the kind of (ps3) games i wouldn't buy, so it's good have them rented. 

Now, for all of you guys that are looking for complainers (for what i saw) it would be easy to say: C'mon deadly premonition and hitman trilogy are ps2 games.

There you have it, happy now?  :lol:

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Injustice for PS4, Hitman TRILOGY for PS3, yeah, this seems like a pretty damn awesome month. But I fully expect bitching because "indies" or "old games."


Thanks for the awesome service, Sony. PlayStation Plus is still one of the best values in gaming.





Agree 100 % if you Parker :) Ps + is the best service ever and I still don't understand why someone would hate it, but we at least get another freebie from all of this


... Runs and gets Popcorn for the comments xD hahaha...

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I'm pretty happy with the PS4 lineup, looking forward to trying both of those out.


Bought Hitman a while ago but didn't play too much of it, I guess this is Playstation's way of telling me to get back into it!

Deadly P looks alright, have thought of getting it countless times during sales but never have so I guess that's a win.


Both of the Vita titles look very forgettable though so I'll most likely pass on them for now.


Overall a good month xD

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I really need to stop stockpiling on games during the flash sales. I already purchased Deadly Premonition, Hitman Trilogy and Injustice recently. That aside, it seems like a pretty great month, much better than some of the recent months.

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Why are people so surprised about december including big IGC titles? I think we should expect that since there's been so huge amount of users bitching about only indies for plus subscribers for the last half a year. There was also this PS + anniversary and they didn't offer us any AAA's so this was totally expected. And the Infamous is yet to come in january too.

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