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Mafia 3 coming October 7th+ new gameplay


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Never thought this would happen but the possibility was always there. Mafia II is arguably in my top 10 favourite games of all time, i loved everything about the game.


I just want to see Vito and Joe in the game, if not Vito then atleast Joe. That bastard is one reason i love the game so much. I'm expecting the graphics to be really good since Mafia II during the time it came out looked amazing, hope they continue the trend.

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Damn, really looking forward to this game! The playboy magazine collectibles were the best ones i've collected in a game (not the glitchy wanted posters). :D Story was amazing, gameplay was fun but after you had everything done, there was not much to do anymore. Hopefully they add multiplayer and other new cool things and maybe new location for the game! :) 

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